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When I ongoing my business in 2002, I knew I desirable to have a website. Why? To afford credibility! How can a ballet company be "real" in this day and age if it doesn't have a website? So, like many companies, I in print an informational website that explained "here's who we are, and here's what we do".

I didn't spend a lot of time distressing about my website. I definitely didn't think of it as a strategic weapon in my company's marketing arsenal. That happening to alteration in the bounce of 2004 when a newsletter was forwarded to me by a fellow component of the Citizen Speaker's Association. The area under discussion of the featured critique was a bit called "internet marketing".

The critique jammed my fancy, so I subscribed to the author's newsletter. Over the next month or two I selected up an eBook and a CD that were suggested in newsletter articles. The belief of internet marketing especially on track to attract me, so I absolute to do some considerable research.

During the next four months I invested quite a few thousand dollars and a fasten hundred hours knowledge about internet marketing. My conclusion? I was gone astray out big-time with my company's website! In fact, I concluded that just about every affair website would be extremely better if it was re-designed to do three things:

1. Help visitors Hastily counter two questions:

  • "What does this ballet company do?", and

  • "Is there no matter which here for me?"
2. Egg on visitors to opt-in to accept free in a row resources.

This keeps website visits from being one-shot deals. If you offer visitors the occasion to opt-in to catch free, value-added information, and you bestow truly advantageous information on a consistent and constant basis, you will earn trust and build relationships. This increases the likelihood that your website visitors will buy from you over time.

3. Motivate Action

If a website page is going to motivate a visitor to take action, the focus needs to change from you, your circle and your foodstuffs and armed forces to your visitors and their problems.

Web pages that motivate achievement are not detached and aloof. Instead, appraisal them feels like a one-on-one conversation among you and the reader. The copy invokes the reader's emotions, plus provides a sufficient amount supporting details to allow the booklover to feel comfortable assembly a certitude to buy online or to acquaintance your ballet company for more information.

This very focused form of copywriting is called a "sales letter". You have in all probability acknowledged sales lettering in the mail, or seen a alike type of marketing in small screen infomercials. Some sales calligraphy and infomercials sound attractive "cheesy"; yet, for decades sales calligraphy have constantly proven to be one of the most productive forms of aim marketing.

The largest analysis you'll hear about sales lettering (usually from corporate website designers) is, "This copy is much too long! Nonentity is going to take the time to read that much information!"

You know what? The critics are almost right. Almost certainly 95% of readers will not read any given sales epistle in its entirety. That's OK, as sales lettering are not on paper to ask to everyone! They are in print to ask to specific those that have the definite problems the sales correspondence addresses.

Most citizens will skim a sales letter. . . IF it has a compelling headline or sub-headline that catches their attention. They may read a clause or glance at a few bullets. If the item or bullets are compelling, they may read an added paragraph. Once they have read quite a few compelling paragraphs, they may choose to go back and read the sales dispatch from the beginning. At that point it becomes much more expected the person who reads will take the achievement the sales epistle recommends.


If you want your website to engender online sales and/or leads, it needs to do three things:

  • Help visitors rapidly assume out what your circle does and whether you can do no matter which for them

  • Encourage visitors to opt-in to be given value-added broadcasting (so that you can build relationships and earn trust)

  • Motivate action
  • To motivate action, alter every page that describes one of your company's crop or air force to a sales letter. Make sure each sales dispatch includes a "call to action", whether it is assembly a asset or contacting your business for more information.

    Change the focus of your website from you, your company, and your offerings to your visitors and their problems -- and watch the online sales and leads roll in!

    Copyright 2005 -- Alan Rigg

    Sales carrying out authority Alan Rigg is the creator of How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Selling: Why Most Salespeople Don't Act and What to Do About It. To learn more about his book and sign up for more FREE sales and sales management tips, visit http://www. 8020performance. com.


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