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Although CSS layouts have been about for years, they haven't befall so hackneyed until recently. This was essentially due to imperfect browser aid (especially from Netscape 4) - currently though, CSS 2. 0 (which introduced positioning) is companionable with over 99% of browsers out there (check out the browser stats over at http://www. thecounter. com/stats/2004/August/browser. php).

So, why must you adapt your website from its existing table-based arrangement to a CSS layout? It'll make you money. Austere really. And here's four reasons to defend why:

Reduced bandwidth costs

Web pages using CSS for arrange tend to have much less important file sizes than those using tabular layouts. It's not curious to see reductions of 50% or more in file size when switching from CSS to tables. Minor file sizes apparently mean abridged bandwidth costs, which for high transfer sites can mean giant savings.

The main aim for this dramatic decline in file size is that presentation in a row is to be found in the outer CSS document, called up once when the homepage loads up and then cached (stored) on to the user's computer. Table layouts on the other hand, place all presentation in order exclusive each HTML, which is then called up and downloaded for every page on the site.

Additionally, CSS can be used to interchange JavaScript image rollovers, again allowing a large cut in generally page size. See the article, CSS routing menu for more on this (http://www. webcredible. co. uk/user-friendly-resources/css/css-navigation-menu. shtml).

A privileged explore engine ranking

A CSS-based website will arrive elevated in the explore engine rankings for three reasons:

- The code is cleaner and for that reason more approachable to exploration engines

- Crucial contented can be sited at the top of the HTML document

- There is a superior density of comfort compared to coding

A elevated examination engine level means more site visitors, which, provided your website is usable, be supposed to lead to an add to in enquiries or sales.

Faster download speed

A earlier download speed will make you money? Well, yes. Slow download speed is often cited as one of the chief usability complaints for websites. A closer download speed as a result leads to bigger usability, and a web usability decorate can become more intense the sales/conversion rate by 100% (source: http://www. useit. com/alertbox/20030107. html).

CSS downloads nearer than tables because:

- Browsers read by means of tables twice already displaying their contents, once to work out their build up and once to ascertain their content

- Tables act on the check out all in one go - no part of the table will arrive on the scene until the intact table is downloaded and rendered

- Tables advance the use of spacer similes to aid with positioning

- CSS in the main requires less code than cumbersome tables

- All code to do with the arrange can be sited in an outer CSS document, which will be called up just once and then cached (stored) on the user's computer; table layout, stored in each HTML document, must be burdened up each time a new page downloads

- With CSS you can be in charge of the order items download on to the check out - make the contented arrive ahead of slow-loading similes and your site users will certainly be glad about it

Increase in reach

The more colonize you can reach, the more visitors you'll get to your site and the more enquiries or sales you ought to get. A CSS-based website is congruent with PDAs, cellular phone phones, in-car browsers and WebTV. Don't underestimate the import of this: In 2008 alone an estimated 58 million PDAs will be sold (source: http://www. etforecasts. com/pr/pr0603. htm) and one third of the world's inhabitants will own a wireless contraption (source: http://www. clickz. com/stats/markets/wireless/article. php/10094_950001).

You can make an added CSS deed exclusively for handheld devices, which will be called up in place of the common CSS document, by this means ensuring your website is affable to this beneficial market. This isn't doable with a tabular layout.

Conclusion: Change to CSS!

Switching your website from a table describe to a CSS arrange can be a long, grueling process, in particular for large websites. Given the money creation potential though, it could very well prove to be well worth it.

This critique was in black and white by Trenton Moss. He's crazy about web usability and ease of access - so crazy that he went and on track his own web usability and ease of access consultancy ( Webcredible - http://www. webcredible. co. uk ) to help make the Internet a develop place for everyone. They offer fantastic ease of access & CSS assistance packages, which you can read all about at http://www. webcredible. co. uk/support .


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