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Most interactive websites currently command data to be accessible dynamically and interactively based on input from the user. For example, a consumer may need to log into a retail website to check his purchasing history. In this instance, the website would have stored two types of data in order for the consumer to act upon the check - the customer's individual login details; and the customer's purchased items. This data can be stored in two types of cargo space - flat files or databases.

Flat files are only practicable in very low to low capacity websites as flat files have 3 inherent weaknesses:

  • The failure to index the data. This makes it compulsory to potentially read ALL the data sequentially. This is a major badly behaved if there are a lot of account in the flat file since the time compulsory to read the flat file is impartial to the come to of report in the flat file.

  • The incapability to efficiently charge admission by users to the data

  • The inefficient luggage compartment of the data. In most cases, the data would not be encrypted or compressed as this would intensify the conundrum no. 1 above

    The another which is, in my opinion, the only practical method, is to store the data in a database. One of the most prevalent databases in use is MySQL. Data that is stored in a list can by a long shot be indexed, managed and stored efficiently. As well that, most databases also bestow a suite of accompanying utilities that allow the folder executive to avow the file - for example, endorsement and restore, etc.

    Websites scripted using PHP are very well apposite for the MySQL list as PHP has a custom and integrated MySQL module that communicates very efficiently with MySQL. PHP can also be in contact with MySQL all the way through the banner ODBC as MySQL is ODBC-compliant, However, this will not be as capable as using the custom MySQL module for PHP.

    The rest of this condition is a tutorial on how to use PHP to:

  • Connect to a MySQL database

  • Execute average SQL statements alongside the MySQL database

    Starting a Meeting with MySQL

    Before the PHP lettering can commune with the folder to query, enclosure or bring up to date the database, the PHP lettering will first need to fix to the MySQL ma?tre d' and detail which folder in the MySQL head waiter to conduct on.

    The mysql_connect() and mysql_select_db() functions are provided for this purpose. In order to associate to the MySQL server, the ma?tre d' name/address; a username; and a valid password is required. Once a association is successful, the folder needs to be specified.

    The next 2 code excerpts illustrate how to achieve the head waiter link and catalog selection:

    @mysql_connect("[servername]", "[username]", "[password]") or die("Cannot fix to DB!");

    @mysql_select_db("[databasename]") or die("Cannot choose DB!");

    The @ hand is used to suppress any error mail that mysql_connect() and mysql_select_db() functions may churn out if an error occurred. The die() behave is used to end the lettering execution and demonstrate a custom error message.

    Executing SQL Statements aligned with a MySQL database

    Once the bond and file collection is effectively performed, the PHP characters can now proceed to carry on on the folder using average SQL statements. The mysql_query() act is used for executing average SQL statements anti the database. In the subsequent example, the PHP characters queries a table called tbl_login in the before preferred file to clarify if a username/password pair provided by the user is valid.


    The tbl_login table has 3 columns named login, password, last_logged_in. The last_logged_in article supplies the time that the user last logged into the system.

    // The $username and $passwd capricious ought to rightly be set by the login form

    // by means of the POST method. For the drive of this example, we're manually coding it.

    $username = "john";

    $passwd = "mypassword";

    // We create a Choice SQL assertion for execution.

    $sql="SELECT * FROM tbl_login WHERE login = '". $username. "' AND password = '". $passwd. "'";

    // Complete the SQL account aligned with the presently elected database.

    // The consequences will be stored in the $r variable.

    $r = mysql_query($sql);

    // After the mysql_query() authority executes, the $r alterable is examined to

    // clarify of the mysql_query() was productively executed.

    if(!$r) {


    print $err;



    // If the whole lot went well, check if the query returned a consequence - i. e. if the username/password

    // pair was found in the database. The mysql_affected_rows() behave is used for this purpose.

    // mysql_affected_rows() will come back the digit of rows in the catalog table that was affected

    // by the last query


    print "Username/password pair is invalid. Choose try again. ";


    else {

    // If successful, read out the last logged in time into a $last capricious for demonstrate to the user



    print "Login successful. You last logged in at ". $last. ". ";


    The above illustration demonstrated how a Cliquey SQL account is executed aligned with the elected database. The same approach is used to carry out other SQL statements (e. g. UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE, etc. ) adjacent to the catalog using the mysql_query() and mysql_affected_rows() functions.

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    This PHP scripting commentary is printed by John L. John L is the Webmaster of The Best BMW Blog! (http://www. bimmercenter. com).

    The Crucial BMW Blog!

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