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Looks like every client wants a Flash site these days but the actuality is. . . as loud as these sites may look, there are many negatives you may want to be concerned about ahead of delving into Flash.

Deadly Sin One - Long Load Times

This is the most clear conundrum with most Flash sites. Flash files can get large in a hurry and if the page takes too long to load, your visitor will move on exclusive of even considering your site. Ideally, you would want your Flash web page to load just as fast as a 'regular' page with text and images. And yes, it can be done!

Problem #1 - Images

The whole aim why Flash was urban was to be able to use vector graphics on web pages. Vector Graphics are infinitely lesser than pixel based images, they can be resized to any size and active lacking creating large file sizes. Unfortunately, many designers use consistent pixel based graphics like photos in their Flash blueprint and end up with huge files. Rule #1 for good Flash aim ought to be. . . Use Vector Graphics only!

Problem #2 - Sound

What is a good conceive of not including sound? Once you have this great Flash active page, you want to add sound to it. This is the #2 culprit resultant in large file sizes and slow loads. The trick here is to use loops. Flash Music Loops are ultra short slices of music, that when looped in Flash play great circumstances music sound tracks that load fast and sound great. You can find Flash Music Loops at http://www. flashmusictracks. com These loops that are near CD attribute and most are only 15k or less in size. They also offer a free Flash Music Player that allows for the music to carry on in performance even if the visitor switches to a different page, you can even cliquey a altered music track or stop the music at any time while browsing, fully impracticable with any customary Flash implementation. A new thing that helps keep file sizes down is to use low-res MP3 files for do up belongings and sound effects. You don't exceedingly need 128k MP3 condition when most computer's speakers will sound just as good with 24k or 32k MP3s. A new easy file size saver. . . use mono!

Deadly Sin Two - Lost Links

This fact is often overlooked. When you use Flash Buttons and Links, explore engines will no longer find your links on the pages. This can be enormously disastrous for your explore engine rankings. Examination Engines need to be able to admire links to fruitfully index your site. Plus, the more well positioned links the robot finds on your site, the privileged your place will be. When you use all Flash, you won't have any discernible links and you actually kill any attempt of being found on examination engines.

What's the fulfil here? Use a Flash/HTML crossbreed page. Even if you have Flash links, still try to duplicate those links on the floor of the page in HTML code so the examination engines can find them.

Deadly Sin Three - Compatibility

This cause used to be central but today it's no longer relevant. In the early days of Flash, many web users didn't have the Flash plug in and they moved on to a further site considerably than to download and ensconce Flash just to visit your site. This is no longer an issue. 99% of all web users will have browsers that can 'see' Flash pages and you no longer have to aim a Flash and Non-Flash Description for your site. If your visitors run for the hills considerably than stick about to visit your site it's the load time, not compatibility that is to blame.

So what is a man to do? You want Flash but you still want quick load times and good explore engine rankings. It can be done but you need to conceive your Flash site with all these factors in mind. It is likely to blueprint Flash Pages that in fact load closer than many 'regular' pages with lots of graphics. A good crossbreed conceive with adequate HTML basics can get you ranked well with the explore engines. The FlashMusicTracks website mentioned above is a accurate example. It uses Flash Banners and Logos only, the lot else is HTML. The site looks good, sounds good and all loads very fast.

So, you don't have to be scared of Flash carnage your web affair if you use Flash wisely.

About The Author

Article by Alan Steward, Webmaster and Sound Designer at http://www. musicleads. net.

You are free to use this condition on your website or in your ezine as long as you do use it in its entirety.


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