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Does your website have a links/resources page?

Do you barter common with other websites to help boost your embattled transfer and hunt engine rankings?

Do you have faith in that a relevant, yet all-embracing capital page provides actual remuneration to your site's visitors?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, then you be supposed to bear in mind adding up an economical (or free!) Yahoo-style Address list to your website. A condition Address list handwriting will add an air of professionalism to your website and endow with constructive comfort for your users.

A characteristic Encyclopedia script:

  • Gives your website a expert "look and feel". You can eliminate those bloated, repellent links pages that might brand your site as a "link farm".

  • Allows your visitors to hunt for sites of activity in your address list using keywords.

  • Allows you to demonstrate banner ads on your Almanac pages (including the hunt consequences pages). With the best scripts, the explore domino effect pages will even ceremony assorted banners according to the examination terms used. This allows you to sell promotion besieged to aspect keywords!

  • Encourages other webmasters to barter links your website. You'll soon have webmasters duration in line to chat links with you.

  • Automates the link barter administer to a large boundary devoid of all of the negatives that can get a website banned by the major examination engines. A attribute Encyclopedia draft will carry the whole thing allied to accumulation a link to the database, yet still allow you to manually authorize the link!

There are many good book scripts accessible on the web. Just do a Google explore for "CGI scripts". Add a attribute Book characters to your site today and you can take your web aura to an exclusively new level!

About The Author

Rick Rouse is the owner of RLROUSE Book & Webmaster Resources. He is the dramatist of numerous admired articles and ebooks on Examination Engine Optimization (SEO) and transfer building. Visit him at http://www. rlrouse. com.


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