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1. Upload robots. txt file in to your root book and consist of the folder name where you set your downloads.

More in sequence on how to set robots. txt: http://www. webmasters-central. com/wp/se/robotstxt. shtml

2. Set the agreement of the download folder to 711 OR upload an index file to that folder. This makes that folder web inaccessible.

For exemplar build a folder named 'test'. As a rule by duck it will be chmoded to 755 or 777. Put some files like test. htm, test1. htm.

Now you type the URL of the folder - yourdomain. com/test/

What will you see? You will see the folder /test with its files in it. Now upload an index file or chmod the folder to 711. Now admission the URL. You will see index file or agreement denied error.

3. Name the download folders a bit like 'CDf54eS'. Not like 'downloads' or 'products' etc.

4. If your consumer downloads your artifact once and don't need or don't have to admission to your folder then you can set his approach to expire for a selection of days.

For this you need a cgi lettering that joystick your members approach based on days, ip concentrate on or amount of accesses. http://www. scripts4webmasters. com/ipppro/index. html This handwriting also protects your thankyou. html pages and expires them after a few time.

5. If you have a connection site and you need to stop password abuse or allotment you can use scripts like:

http://www. scripts4webmasters. com/macpro. shtml

http://www. monster-submit. com/sentry/

6. Defend your download links: Like if you keep . . . domain. com/downloads/product. zip, each one knows the download URL. You can use cgi scripts that discloses the download path. http://www. cgi-scripting. com/downloader. shtml

7. If you use If you are promotion ebooks, you can use password guard to your ebooks. Once your ebook is protected, after your buyer downloads it, you can send it to him to open the ebook.

Some ebook compilers with this password defense features:

http://www. ebookeditpro. com/

http://www. ebookcreator. com/

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