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Often time I've browsed sites and seen the same thing - broad-spectrum rep websites or free hosted sites. Pop ups chafe me from the free sites as does the blatant ads receiving in the way of the text, and if you have seen one rep site you accurately have seen them all. Boring, unoriginal, and unprofessional.

But after all they are free, and free is good right? Wrong - not when it comes to your image online.

Regardless of the affair you are in, it's chief you have your own website. Denotation you have a exclusive area name with purchased hosting. There are many payback to owning your own website and I'll clarify why:

1. Capability to Track Visitors
If you don't know where your visitors are appearance from, there is no way to know if your promotion is running or not. It's a shot in the dark, and the internet is too large to take a accidental like that.

While some free hosting companies offer the capability to edit your pages and add trackers, all-purpose rep sites as a rule do not.

2. Eliminates not needed information/ads
Most free hosting band will place their own ads on your website. How many capability customers could you be loosing with this? The same applies for business in rank on rep websites. Ought to your budding consumer call the ballet company completely as a replacement for of you, you've lost that commission/sale.

3. Aptitude to give your site a individual feel
Company rep sites of choice all look alike. Very few give the opportunity of editing, so you are "stuck" with their design, their contented and descriptions, and their information. Many free hosting companies only have templates to use, so your sites would look like many others online. Generous your website a own feel with your own design, descriptions, and in order sets you apart from your competition.

4. Creates a Expert Look
Not only is your website easy to bring to mind when you have a exclusive realm name, but your visitors will take you seriously. They know you are considerable about your online business, and are closer to trust? and buy. You've shown them you care about your commerce and your customers as well by creating a forthcoming site.

5. Aptitude to Edit Pages for SEO purposes
Many free hosting sites are frowned on by major hunt engines, and rep sites of classes are categorically frowned on. Most circle rep sites cannot be edited, which means you cannot add link chat pages to amplify your rankings, nor can you edit the titles for SEO purposes. Many capability customers are being lost from hunt engines with these types of sites.

There are of course of action other reasons why you need your own website - such as for many directories that do not admit links from whatever thing but top-level domains (like www. yourdomain. com). Area names are very reasonable, price about $8 per year while hosting costs as low as $6/month. Area and hosting companies are everywhere, it just depends on what your needs are. For small websites I commend Mommy's Aid ( http://www. mommyshelper. com/web-hosting. html )

This is cost you can't allow to cut out of your affair budget.

About the author: Kara Kelso is a work at home mom of two, and the co-owner of Aim Sales Helpers, which is enthusiastic to helping mothers accomplish something in address sales. For more information, visit: http://www. DirectSalesHelpers. com


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