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What is the most crucial part of your online business?Many citizens would say: "my website". And that'sunderstandable - it's the most discernible part of an internetbusiness.

But the real power in your online affair is email. It'sthe aptitude to reach your folder of contacts at the clickof a button. The efficiency of your email pipeline willdetermine how much money your big business makes.

Your website is just a way of edifice your mailing list -by collecting the email addresses of your visitors.

In fact, we're not conversation about one list, but several. Here are the lists that I assert - they're all citizens whoat one time or a different have visited my websites:

- citizens who have bought my products- ancestors who have signed up to collect my articles- ancestors who have coupled my associate program- colonize who have signed up for my email course- citizens who have attached my newsletter

So why are these lists so important?

Because most of your visitors won't buy on the firstcontact. Information show that most ancestors will need to seeyour letter 7 times beforehand they make a purchase. So ifyou're not collecting the email addresses of your visitors,you are bringing up the rear out on a lot of sales.

But there is one list in distinct that is like gold. It'syour list of prior customers. These citizens arepredisposed to exchange from you. In fact, some businessesmake 80% of their sales from earlier customers.

All well and good - but what do I do with these lists?

Here are some ideas:

- make known your most modern creation to your client list

- broadcast your most recent consequence to your affiliates list

- send your hottest critique to your articles list

- herald your hottest creation in your newsletter

- broadcast your most recent commentary in your newsletter

- make known 'related' food to your patron list

- send your most recent commentary to your affiliates list so they can use

it to promote your products

For each list that you deal with you will need (1) anautoresponder balance or an autoresponder handwriting and (2) away of capturing your visitor's email address.

(1) Autoresponder Accounts

An autoresponder bill gives you the capacity to deal with alist devoid of installing software - it's all done on aremote website. Most autoresponder financial statement will give you:

- an email attend to for subscribing- an HTML form for subscribing- seven or more follow-up messages- a confirmation email to you every time a big shot joins- the capability to announce e-mail to your list- the capability to personalize your messages- file of your prospects- online stats

Here are some sites that offer autoresponder accounts:

http://www. aweber. com/

http://www. getresponse. com/

http://www. responders. com/

http://www. proautoresponder. com/

http://www. www. roibot. com/

http://www. infogeneratorpro. com/

http://www. replypro. net/

http://www. auto-responder. co. uk/

Now, autoresponder the books cost concerning $17 and $20 permonth. And with most autoresponder armed forces you can onlymanage one list per account. So if you are administration 5lists, that abruptly adds up to a hefty monthly bill.

But there are a few military that allow you to managemultiple lists with one account. Here are some of them:

http://www. rapidreply. net/http://www. ezmailpro. com/http://www. autorespond-it. com/http://www. 1automationwiz. com/http://www. royal-responder. com/

(2) Capturing Email Addresses

The most accepted way to get new subscribers to your list isa 'subscribe form' that pops up when your website loads. Iget 25 to 30 new subscribers a day using this technique. The HTML code for the subscribe form customarily comes withyour autoresponder account.

Another way to ask visitors to join your list is an'alert box'. An alert box is a small gray dialogue box thatpops up when a celebrity visits your website. It customarily sayssomething like: "Please subscribe to my Newsletter. 5 FreeeBooks when you join". It's hopeless to disregard an alertbox - you have to each close it or click OK to continue.

Alert boxes have two return over subscribe forms. Firstly, there's no form to fill in, so it's much easierfor associates to join your list. Citizens who have switched froma subscribe form to an alert box bang 3 to 5 times asmany subscribers.

Secondly, alert boxes capture only "real" email addresses -the email concentrate on from the visitor's client browser. Youend up with very few Hotmail and Yahoo addresses, whichmeans you'll have a much more alert list. For moreinformation about alert boxes, visit:http://www. optinlightning. com/

So to sum up, use your website to build more than a few optinmailing lists and you'll have a clandestine consultation of peopleyou can promote to over and over again - it's the key torunning a flourishing online business.

Michael Southon has been copy for the Internet for over 3
years. He has shown hundreds of webmasters how to use this
simple performance to build a doing well online business. Click
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