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What is SQL? SQL stands for Structured Query Foreign language and is the lingua franca in the list world. SQL is a average that is used by all list vendors and programmers to define, extort and approach the in a row that is stored in databases. SQL began life as an IBM concept but was consistent by the American Countrywide Principles Institute (ANSI) and the Intercontinental Association for Equivalence (ISO) as ANSI/ISO SQL in 1988. Since then ANSI/ISO SQL banner chronic to evolve. The ANSI-SQL group has since in print three principles over the years:

1. SQL89 (SQL1)

2. SQL92 (SQL2)

3. SQL99 (SQL3)

SQL is a query language. It is English-like and easy to use. However, even though there are more than 90 SQL cool words, most programmers seldom use more than the next handful of orders - SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, FROM, WHERE, HAVING, BETWEEN, LIKE, OR, AND, NOT, IN, ORDER, GROUP and BY.

For example, if you had a catalog table named "employees" and you sought to retrieve all account where the member of staff has the last name "goodman", you would use the next SQL statement:

SELECT * FROM employees WHERE lastname = 'goodman';

There are many altered categories of SQL statements but the basic ones which all programmers be supposed to be common with are the SQL statements that:

1. Conceive tables and manipulate their definitions

2. Query the table data

3. Manipulate the table data

SQL is predominantly used by 2 types of users - programs and humans (keying in the guidelines by means of a list client) - to pass directives to databases. SQL information can be keyed into a file client like the MySQL Query Browser or the SQL Ma?tre d' Activity Director and executed to both come again a consequence or amend account in the database. SQL can also be used in conjunction with brainwashing idiom or scripting expression like Microsoft Visual Basic or PHP to connect with the database.

Although SQL is a world standard, it is awkward that most folder vendors have come up with altered dialects and variations. This is for the reason that every list vendor wants to differentiate their list food from the crowd. One good case in point is Microsoft SQL Server's TRANSACT-SQL. TRANSACT-SQL is a superset of SQL and is calculated for use only with Microsoft SQL Server. While it does make brainwashing much easier for software developers, it is not amenable with other databases like Augur or MySQL - construction TRANSACT-SQL programs non database-portable. As such, even if many of these facial appearance are authoritative and robust, it is good apply to apply caution and limit your SQL use to be acquiescent with the ANSI/ISO SQL principles and ODBC-Compliant.

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