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Every small big business owner knows that they need a website, right? Well the truth is what they actually need is at least two websites.

One website that is aspect to their business, product, service, name, etc. and. . .

another site that is an edifying site aspect to the reimbursement of their advantage or product.

So JoesBaitShop. com tells all about the a number of lures and tackle you offer, even more about the charter trips, and in the end how to buy.

CatchFishToday. com (your other site) nevertheless is full of informative information, how-to tips, and capital for avid fisherpersons.

Of avenue this site also has adequate (but not too many) of links back to JoesBaitShop. com.

Here's the deal. Online ancestors don't go out penetrating for companies, They go online looking for solutions, information, answers to life's persistent questions. . . you know like what's the best hat to wear cod fishing?

Your back up website gives them the counter and sends them to your first site to go shopping.

It actually doesn't be of importance what affair you are in. An investment banking firm can advantage from the same strategy.

Here's the reason. The major examination engines want to index high class information. A site about what a anyone can buy from you doesn't make that cut but a site with an clause about how to cast in windy environment does.

In addition, explore engines take a look at sites that link to you and give your some points for that. A high class how to site about fishing will draw a lot of correlated links. This will only help drive that travel to JoesBaitShop. com even faster.

The cost of putting up a website is so low these days it's certainly a crime if you don't come up with about 10 reasons to have compound sites.

Think of it this way. You need one site that presells and one site that sells. If this line of attack even in the least makes sense to you then there is a book you ought to read today! It's called Make Your Site Sell. Go see for yourself

Copyright 2004 John Jantsch

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John Jantsch is a marketing consultant based in Kansas City, Mo. He writes normally on real world small commerce marketing tactics and is the architect of Duct Tape Marketing, a turn-key small big business marketing system. Check out his blog at http://www. DuctTapeMarketing. com/weblog. php or at http://www. JohnJantsch. com


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