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Recently I was reviewing the keyword definite conversion rate data of a consulting client of mine. I have been running with this client for a few months now, ration her better the sales conversion rate of her website and we have had very good results, charming be in the region of conversion rates at her site from below 1% to just over 4. 3%.

(Your sales conversion rate is easily the digit of distinctive visitors your site receives vs. the come to of sales you make. If you have 3 sales for every 100 visits your conversion rate is 3%. )

Now, one of the keys to humanizing conversion rates is to constantly test and amount every allocate of your website, marketing and traffic. While reviewing the data from one of her Google Adwords campaigns I stumbled diagonally a few hard to defend domino effect that completely illustrate the very large achieve small differences can have on conversion rates.

The keyword "piano lessons" had a conversion rate over the last 30 days of 5. 09%. The keyword "piano lesson" had a conversion rate of only 1. 64%. Both of these keywords had the exact same Adwords title and description, the same arithmetic mean attitude in the examination fallout and the exact same upstairs hallway page on my clients website. The only capricious is one dispatch in the keyword? an "s". Lecture vs. Lessons. That's it! Yet the plural account of the keyword (piano lessons) out sold the singular account (piano lesson) by over 300%!

Another key couch that had an even superior change was "how to play the piano" vs. "how to play a piano". Customary sense would say that these two phrases would adapt approximately identically? Wrong.

Again, with equal titles, metaphors and hall pages, "How to play the piano" converted at 5. 92%, while "How to play a piano" only converted at 1. 42%. That is a enormous 417% differentiation amid "a" and "the"!

Short-term variations and fluctuations in the conversion rates of being keywords or hallway pages are common. However, the data on both of these keyword pairs was considered over a full 30 days and quite a few thousand clicks for each keyword. I don't have any easy answers why accumulation an "s" to a key axiom or shifting an "a" to "the" caused such a alteration in conversion rates.

Sure, you can guess at it and draw a few conclusions such as "plural keywords change change for the better than singular keywords" or "using 'the' in a key express is more certain and under attack than using 'a'". However, these conclusions are just guesses. The only real deduction you can draw from this case study is that you have to test EVERYTHING!

If one word or one communication can have that big of an bearing in an Adwords campaign, then a analogous adjust in your main headline or assurance can have an in the same way hefty impact.

The lecture here is to test, test, test. What be supposed to you test?

  • Test headlines.

  • Test guarantees.

  • Test bonuses.

  • Test colors.

  • Test sub-headlines.

  • Test your copy.

  • Test atypical prices.

  • Test layouts.

  • Test autoresponder messages.

  • Test your USP (Unique Promotion Proposition. )

  • Test ads.

  • Test keywords.

  • Test policies.

  • Test metaphors and diagrammatic design.

  • Test deadlines.

  • Test navigation.

  • Test your depart process.

  • Test font sizes.

  • Test payment options.


Now, when you are taxing a change, only test one item at a time. This part is critical. Hard only one alteration will help keep your domino effect as precise as possible. If you alter 4 items at once and see a 1% boost in conversion rate, it is likely 3 items are ration and 1 is hurting, so your conversion rate boost would have been larger with just the 3 changes.

The base line is this?

If you exceedingly want to take your website's sales conversion rate to the next level, you must categorically commit to a paying attention and long-term battle of taxing and optimizing every characteristic of your site. You never know when a small alteration is going to give you huge results!

Copyright 2004 Eric Graham

Want to convalesce your conversion rates? Eric Graham is the CEO of numerous lucrative online companies. A top authorization on eCommerce & Internet Marketing, he's an in-demand lecturer & consultant. Visit http://www. web-site-evaluations. com today for an in-depth evaluation to boost YOUR websites conversion rate!

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Eric Graham is the CEO of numerous lucrative online companies. A top ability on eCommerce & Internet Marketing, he's an in-demand amp & consultant. Visit www. web-site-evaluations. com for a FREE subscription to his eCommerce Mastery newsletter.


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