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I still bear in mind it very clear . . . It was more or less a decade ago that I wrote it in my note pad as an exciting quotation from a illustrious man at that time and even now and ever. Mikhail Gorbachev, Soviet president, collective this so-called joke with some reporters: "Mitterand has 100 lovers. One has AIDS, but he doesn't know which one. Bush has 100 bodyguards. One is a terrorist, but he doesn't know which one. Gorbachev has 100 efficient advisers. One is smart, but he doesn't know which one!"

After all these years, After I found it and read it again, noticed how attention-grabbing it can be when we enlarge and carry on it with the notion of web and marketting via web sites and/or e-mails. Yes, according to your log files, you have 100 visitors for your web site. One is a buyer, but you don't know which one! You just have to wait and see . . . In your site, you have 100 web pages with 100 images. One page is lost one definite image and you don't know which one. You miss 100 visitors only for the reason that of this diminutive blunder and WOW! On the Internet, you catch 100 "I Love You" e-mail letters a day, one has a carnage virus, but you don't know which one! You have 100 links in your directory. One is expired and/or out-of-date, but you don't know which one and this may cut down the come to of your hits and your visitors. You have a mailing list with 100 subscribers. One is now comprehension your editorial and you don't know which one, for the reason that you don't accept any feedback. This may make you sad or disappointed! But who cares! You have 100 web sites. One will be a doing well one and will make a rich man out of you, but you don't know which one.

I have 100 dreams a day for the accomplishment of my newsletter in Webfaqt. com. One is so great but I don't know which one. Isn't it interesting, I mean the Internet and Webfaqt? This is why, you are benignly invited to share it with others, to carry on this critique with your own sentences. In my newsletter, we have an adequate amount of room for your judgment and views. Anyway, I also have to thank Mr. Gorbachev for the joke. . .

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Taban Khadjeh Nassiri provides expert localization solutions for your web site, crop and military in Farsi and for Iran, the land of history, civilization and design, and the Iranian markets. he provides expert web page design, Internet marketing advice, industrial writing, English-Persian translation, copy inscription for businesses, companies and organizations. Visit his site at http://www. webfaqt. com/ - if you with links to some certified web sites and on-line assets of vital Web FAQs, Tips, Tricks, Tools, Trades, and Trends of the Internet. Reach Taban with your questions or explanation about his articles at editorial@webfaqt. com - or call him at (+98 -21-) 8057102


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