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People often come to me in a state of catastrophe and say their website isn't working. As a rule they're in a cold sweat:

"Mike, give me some concrete effects I can do to get more sales from my website!"

You want doable advice? Stop treating your website like an article in your big business and start treating it like an employee. Most businesses treat their website like a animal item in their affair - such as a filing cabinet for example. Just take Mr. Smith from ABC Ltd. :

"Everyone else has got a filing cabinet so I attention we'd develop get one. I'm not very concerned in cabinets for myself but colonize seem to think they get you more customers. It looks quite neat despite the fact that - I made sure my face is on the front of it. "

Very good. How much big business do you get from it?

"Business? Oh I don't know - I haven't even looked at it for a year or so. It's been a waste of money. We paid a band to build it and it doesn't work. "

Right, I see. Have you efficient it evenly and promoted it extensively?

"What? No - it went live and that was it, nothing's happened. I brain wave the phone would be ringing off the hook. Come and have a look at it anyway, it's over here in the angle - gathering dust. "

So here they are:

5 Ways To Treat Your Website Like An Worker And Make More Money As A Result

Treat your website like one of your employees and it will start to work like one.

1. Look after your employees - give them the consideration they deserve, pay them well and don't neglect their needs

2. Make sure your employees look the part - first impressions count: scuffed shoes and shabby clothes won't bring in the business

3. Give them mobility - buy them a ballet company car so they can get out into the world and sell for you, they won't sell much stuck in one place and not being found

4. Keep them knowledgeable - give them the most up-to-date in a row on the focus of your company, new services, new sales scripts, most modern changes to the way you do affair etc.

5. Establish them to all - don't let your member of staff feel like they're on the sidelines of your business, break to each one else - they need to be a fully integrated part of your business, not an after-thought bolted on at the last minute

Mike Cheney
www. magnet4web. com

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