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Just first out, you can start with a clear-cut informational site, which is all most need initially, and build up to a fuller site (e-commerce and/or interactive) when you can give it.

Your goal ought to be to get an online presence. Remember, most surfers are looking for information. Dancing cartoons, streaming video and other interactive skin texture are, in the great best part of cases, unnecessary.

Naming Your Site: Selecting and Registering a Area Name

The first step in being paid a web site is to choose and catalog your province name. Even if you can't come up with the money for a web site right now, it is a good idea to catalog your name. This can be done for under $10. 00 a year (eg, namecheap. com).

Choosing a Web Designer / Web Conceive Company

Choosing a web designer will depend completely onthe type of site you are having built. Prices are all over the place. Many designers/firms have a cash least that you must spend in order to work with them.

Ball park figure: If you are having a down-to-earth informational site built, I advise payments no more than $500. Learn how to bring up to date it manually to save ongoing maintenance charges.

An even cheaper choice is to do it yourself. There is a lot of easy-to-learn software (eg, FrontPage) that make it easy to build a site. Also, many companies (Yahoo, Microsoft BCentral, AOL, etc. ) have templates that make it clean to drag and drop text and conceive a site. Rates begin at about $19. 95/month.

Web Hosting Costs

Fees range from free to hundreds of dollars per month. As a guideline, the arithmetic mean cost for hosting a own web site is $10-$25/month. Big business sites with senior travel are in the $45-$75/month range.

There are admirable deals to be found on web hosting (eg, peoplehost. com), so shop around. Usually, if you prepay for a year or more, you will be given a discount. I advise this as once you get a site, it is amply dubious that you will ever discontinue it, if you alter careers altogether.

About Free Web Hosting Companies

I do not direct the use of free web hosting companies. This is your certified online aura and you get what you pay for. More often than not, free host companies have limitations such as space, email specifications, area name use, et cetera, that won't allow you to conduct as a expert site.

How Much Must You Pay A Comfortable Developer

This depends so brutally on the type of comfort your site requires that it's about impracticable to answer. Self-employed critic and editor rates range from a low of $25 an hour up to $250 an hour, or more. Most are in the $50 to $100 per hour range. Shop around.

As an editorial professional, I'm presumptuous that you will endow with your own content. In spite of this if you have neither the time, desire, or skill, you will categorically want to spend the money for a professional.

Finally Tally

If you elect to go with a web designer and are basically having a 2-3 page informational site built, pay no more than $500. This is haughty that you write your own at ease and do not have custom work done, such as logo/graphic design.

Cheapest Option: Do it yourself. A cut-out site, or exchange a software (eg, FrontPage) and doing it yourself, with hosting fees ought to top out at about $300/year.

The beauty of import software and doing it by hand is that after you acquire the software, you only have to incur the hosting and province name fees on a yearly basis. These can be under $50/year - creation your site certainly economical as time passes.

See you online!

Parts of this clause were excerpted from How to Get Your Small Biz on the Web Cursorily & Affordably, accessible for direct download.

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