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Before you start house your site, ask manually "WHY?". Why did you conclude to build your own web site. How are you going to earn money? Creating austere homepage will not get you any money at all nor you be given lots of visitors. Your website must be the part of your business. It also must be the part of your big business plan.

When you are development your website, ask you the subsequent questions:

1. Who is your audience?
Your main goal is to give in rank to meet the needs of your key audience, in a comportment that is user-friendly. Audiences may add in your clients: businessmen, professionals, etc.

2. What goals do you want to complete with this site?
What troubles is your Web site demanding to resolve? What are the reward to having a Web site? Think about these questions as you prioritize your goals, and use them as a guide in your decision-making.

3. Is the in sequence you want to afford the same in a row that your consultation wants from you?
Your perceptions may dramatically be different from their perceptions! Be relevant to your visitors, pay attention to their comments, test your site with them. Advance your in sequence as if you were a user visiting your site for the first time. Does it make sense?

4. Is your in order certainly accessible?
Do not put up roadblocks! Make in rank free with as few "clicks" as possible. All the time make call in rank at once available. Don't put up "under construction" pages -- this frustrates users, who may not come again to your site.

5. Is your comfort style correct to your audience?
Unless your users are pregnant to find a text-heavy page, keep your copy down-to-earth and short. If it isn't as soon as evident what the determination of the page is, the user in all probability won't read more than one or two sentences ahead of affecting on.

6. How will you keep the at ease up-to-date?
Who is dependable for hosting and updating website content? How often will he or she do it?

7. What is the assembly of your site?
It is very advantageous to sketch out a "site map" of your at ease in order to arrange it effectively. Site maps help affect routing diagonally your site as well as the "breadcrumb" bit on your pages. It may be advantageous to build a map of your contented as it exists on your flow site, and a different for how you foresee the club of your new site.

Written by Helen Peshkova, RichTrack. com.

http://www. RichTrack. com is one of the first commerce oriented edification portals. It's the foremost online affair in a row association for millionaires. The goal of RichTrack. com is to award big business contented in a professional, beneficial and convenient design that helps you receiving rich.

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