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Everywhere you look these days, colonize are effective you that in order to sell all through your website, you need tons of traffic.

Well, even despite the fact that my big business is passage generation, *I'm* going to tell you that it's a BIG FAT LIE!

The clandestine of a lucrative website isn't just in the total of visitors it has; it's in the total of visitors that are converted to buyers. It's no good having 4,000 visitors if your means of bringing them to your site means that they're vague fairly than beleaguered visitors.

Time for some figures!

If you get 500 visitors to your site a day and adapt 1 in 100 into a consumer (making 5 sales a day), how do you add to sales? Sure, you can spend some more money and try and drive 1000 visitors a day, which will in turn gain you 10 customers a day.

Or, you can work on your website copy and where you're receiving the visitors from, and drive up your conversion rate. If you can augment your conversion rate to turn 1 in 50 into buyers, and make those 10 sales exclusive of escalating your transfer or expenditure any more money, isn't that a change for the better (and cheaper!) option?

So how can you augment your conversion rate?

1) Look at your front page

Go to your website right now and read the front page as if you'd never seen it before. Is it apparent what you're selling? If I don't know that you can solve my problem, whether that is a affair or a consumer one, how do I know if I'm engrossed in your site?

Use bold text, large text and headlines to let me know I'm in the right place.

2) Look at your copy

Being cruelly honest, I don't especially care how many clients you have, how many awards you've won, how long you've been trading for, or whether you think you're the best at what you do.

On first visiting your website, I care about whether you have what I'm looking for.

So if your website starts with "Company XYZ has been trading in the Buckinghamshire area for over 27 years and has a client list of over 500", alteration it! Don't send ancestors to sleep ahead of they've found out what you do. Try a touch like:

"Looking for the best Wedding Photographer in Bedford? Well you've found him!"


"Need commerce cards at a low low price? Click here for our price list or here to browse our styles"


"Looking for that complete Christmas gift? Send one of our deluxe fruit baskets"

Get the picture? All of those headlines tell me I'm in the right place for what I want. By the same token importantly, they will also help hunt engine placements.

3) Aim your traffic

If you just have hundreds of links in free gift web directories, it's easy to get lots of transfer and no sales. Look at your web stats and find out where your visitors are advent from.

If you're payments money to get visitors, look at the phrases you're using. Being at the top of the hunt engines for "Christmas gifts" is not only going to cost a lot of money, it's also beautiful hopeless if you only sell one or a few things. "Christmas gift baskets" is more under attack and will help raise your conversion rate.

Other equally a waste of time phrases I've come athwart citizens using a moment ago (and I use the word hopeless to mean that even if they engender a lot of traffic, they don't engender embattled traffic).

Web conceive (on a site that was very paying attention locally, so "web conceive Northampton" would bestow more certified traffic) Graphics (on a printing site where 'exhibition graphics' would have been more targeted) Coaching (on a commerce schooling site - 'business coaching' would have been better Sales jobs (again on a biologically listening carefully site - "sales jobs Milton Keynes" would have been more suited)

Think in your own way - hunt engines aren't the be all and end all of website interchange generation;

* The Northampton based web conceive business would be advance off targeting local exploration phrases, and putting their link on localised websites. Most towns and/or counties have local directories. They could also try a embattled email battle to Northampton based businesses.

* The exhibition graphics circle could broadcast on sites that promote exhibitions, as well as discovery beat beleaguered phrases for exploration engine promotion.

* The big business education ballet company could broadcast on sites affectionate to new and developing businesses, as well as a besieged email canvass to businesses of a a few size.

* The sales recruitment business could again announce on local sites, as well as free recruitment sites, and job in quest of newsgroups and forums.

So there you have it, 3 top tips to add to the conversion rate of your site; Look at your front page, look at your copy and affect your traffic.

If any of you would like me to make some suggestions on another ways you could be promoting your site in order to augment conversion, entertain email me at nikki@nikkipilkington. com.

Nikki Pilkington is owner of Milton Keynes based Internet Marketing Circle Nikki Pilkington. com, and writes articles, hints and tips to help associates looking to promote their website for free, as well as consecutively paid e-marketing campaigns. For more of her articles visit http://www. nikkipilkington. com and sign up to the newsletter.


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