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Q. Hey, Cathy: I'm just backdrop up a website. What be supposed to I do?

A. First, don't call the web designer yet! Write out a full digest of your ideal client, if you haven't previously done so. Get very clear on what reimbursement you will offer and how you will stand out from the crowd. Ahead of you spend days and weeks refining your copy, test your ideas on real associates -- as close to your ideal client as possible. Study your battle to see what works -- and to avoid creating a "me-too" site that gets lost in the crowd.

Most important, get some confirmation that a advertise exists for your product. Do associates in point of fact use this effect or service? Do they pay or count on freebies? Do they have a low-price mindset? Do they mind on the web? If you can't fulfil yes to all these questions, classify funds who can help.

If you are early a brand-new affair with a website, start small. Very small. Don't put a lot of money into your first website. If you want build a certified image, hire a designer, but keep costs down by backdrop up only a few pages. Your needs will alter as your affair grows.

Your site needs three basic sections.

(a) What the site is about. I counsel inscription two or three sentences for your home page, adequate for visitors to conclude if they want to hang around.

(b) Who you are. When you're the product, comprise an "about you" page. I advocate a narrative arrange to hold readers' interest.

"Griselda began life in a cave everywhere in deepest Africa. After being abducted at age seven, she was taken to the US and. . . "

Be sure to add in links to pages that aspect your achievements. This is no time for modesty! List degrees, publications and certificates.

You may turn off some aptitude clients: some will be put off by too many or too few credentials, or they may have been burned by a big shot with a alike background. Change for the better to lose them up front, I say.

(c) What you offer for sale. You need a page that describes your food and armed forces in mouth-watering detail. You may bring in prices and a link to your shopping cart.

Some skilled web big business owners decide to omit prices. They send price sheets to associates who definite activity in their services.

That's a common sense call, too. They hope to hook clients who are so motivated by the website they'll pay more. On the downside, some folks won't even ask -- they count on the prices to be a lot higher.

And you may add in options: articles and downloadable ebooks, to allow your web visitors to learn more about you. Write in lively, journalistic, self-help style. Focus on topics that appeal to your clients' interest. If you sell appropriateness products, comprise tips on exercise.

How will visitors find you? You'll need a ample plan together with metatags, comfortable keywords, link swaps and articles.

When will you see results? If you have barely or no revenue after three months, conduct experiment with tactics, such as in receipt of your website known, revising your site for advance navigtion. After six months, it's time for an overhaul. Consider options for a expert website review.

I offer one-to-one consultations on career and affair strategy.

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