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For years now I've been looking to start my own business, but my peak priority has continually been to spend less time working, and more time with my family, while still generous them the lot they need (and most of what they want). It's a customary dream, right? No boss to counter to, less stress, more vacation, more attribute category time. . . I hunted to get away from the 9 to 5 and the traffic. (I bet you do, too. )

So, I happening to do research a number of affair opportunities. I looked into franchises of all sorts, but the money I had to invest forthright was way too much (thousands of dollars, at a minimum), which made the idea too risky - I couldn't risk my family's economic well-being on a dream of mine. I was even close to declining for a choice of MLM schemes. Luckily I never made it that far. When the Internet became more and more prominent in, well, association in general, it just became a touch I couldn't close the eyes to anymore. So I did some more research, this time on creating a website. I began to like the idea, for many reasons:

1. I could start it with hardly $ invested (so, almost not any risk)

2. I could start it while I was still in my 9 to 5 job (again, no burden on my breed financially)

3. I could elect the branch of learning of the website (and focus on a little that I enjoyed)

It was then that I certain to use choosing gifts (something I enjoy) as the basis for my site. But then I had to assume out faithfully HOW to build it. There's a lot complex (much that I didn't know at the start): realm registration, hosting, page creation, examination engine submission, keywords, titles, descriptions, site promotion. . . whew! At first it seemed like way too much to handle, and with the colossal amounts of websites out there (60 million and counting) I feared my site would just get lost in the crowd (so what's the point). I about gave up the idea altogether.

But because of perserverance and a diminutive luck in judgment the right tools to teach me what to do, and when to do it, I've been able to conceive a lucrative website. In 6 months my site's transfer level is in the top 1% of all websites!

I'm ecstatic about what the expectations might hold! Have I quit my day job? No, not yet. . . I want to pay off my debt first. You know. . . the "American Way" of declining into debt with acknowledgment cards and loans - even all the same I live in Canada. :) My category and I will have our debt paid off by Christmas 2005 - then I can believe quitting the 9 to 5 routine.

If you are like me and you want to start a website. . . no,. . . start a business. . . and adjustment your future, I further you to get out there and do it. You owe it to physically to at least check it out.

For more in a row about The-Gift-Wizard. com and the tools I used to coin it, feel free to visit: http://www. the-gift-wizard. com/website. html or call me at http://www. the-gift-wizard. com/contact-the-gift-wizard. html. I'll be glad to fulfil any questions you might have.

Best of luck!

A Heath is a gift researcher for http://www. the-gift-wizard. com


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