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Every good Internet commerce understands the value of conversions versus hits received. Far too often, businesses be converted into fanatical on the hits they are getting as an alternative of monitoring their hit to sale conversion rate. This misguided focus is the road to ruin as it fails to take in the issue of abandonment.


"Abandonment" is one of those terms that has a exceptional gist when useful to the Internet. The term refers to reasons why a user abandons a site ahead of attractive the accomplishment the site owner desires, typically purchasing a effect or construction an inquiry.

There are a digit of exquisite sites on the Internet with inimitable innovations. Unfortunately, these sites on the odd occasion turn a profit or needlessly limit their profit potential. Site owners must focus on only one thing when house a site - converting visitors to customers. To avoid leaving behind issues, you be supposed to focus on the following:

1. The site be supposed to at all times load as at once as feasible to accommodate visitors that are using 56k dialup modems.

2. The site be supposed to be deliberate for ease of use, not "what looks good. "

3. All advertisements must click because of at once to the items that are being searched, not the home page of the site.

4. Site pages must be kept short to build up load times.

5. In a row that is not to the point to the creation or benefit be supposed to be removed.

6. Flash, music and other "atmosphere elements" of the site be supposed to be detached or not obligatory to speed up load times.

7. Signing up for the site newsletter must be incredibly easy.

8. Customers ought to be necessary to fill out the bare minimum of in rank to make a purchase.

9. Newsletters be supposed to be issued in HTML and text since some email systems do not acknowledge HTML.

10. All imagery be supposed to be compressed for quick loading.

11. All links and emails must also consist of AOL forthcoming equivalents.

12. All emails must have consequential text wraps at 60 places so that the recipient does not accept a incoherent mess of code in their email box.

13. Email connections from the community must be responded to in 24 hours.

14. Data lines made after affair hours must be responded to first thing in the morning.

15. The site must offer accumulating bonus points for purchases that in the end lead to a "free gift"

16. When an order is shipped, an email be supposed to be sent to the buyer illuminating them as much.

The list is absolutely endless, but you be supposed to continually view site designs and promotion from the perspective of the customer. The entire cast doubt on for each assignment is, "How could we make this easier for customers?" By emphasizing this approach, you will bypass many of the evils you see on the net and avoid contract killing your publicity dollars.

Halstatt Pires is an Internet marketing consultant with http://www. marketingtitan. com - an Internet marketing firm in San Diego.


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