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When visitors add your web site to their Favorites or bookmark your site, what shows up in their list of sites? There are at least two equipment you can do to make sure your site stands out on anyone's list of Favorites, as well as a great idea that very few sites use. If you have a webmaster, he or she be supposed to be able to make these changes quickly, and those who avow their own sites can by a long way alias these austere tasks.

First, make sure each page of your site has a good title. When you view your site in Internet Surveyor or Netscape, what shows up at the very top of the screen? If it says "Home Page" or, even worse, "Untitled," that is what visitors will see when they add in your site in their Favorites. Use "title" tags and add a title that describes the page.

And here's the thing very few sites do: Add a favicon file so that next to your site title in the Favorites list (and in the attend to bar when they go to your site) your logo appears as a substitute of the ever-present Internet Traveler logo. (In Netscape, your logo will only act in the attend to bar. The Netscape bookmark icon will be next to your site name in the bookmark file. ) This is easy and quick and adds a real authority touch to your site. To see what I mean, take a look at my site. Go to http://www. IdeaLady. com/ and click on "Bookmark this page. " (Netscape users, press Ctrl + D. ) Then, open your favorites file and click on the IdeaLady link. You must see my lightbulb logo next to the title in your Favorites list (in IE) and next to the URL in the Deal with Bar (Netscape and IE).

For a good how-to clause about creating your own favicon, go to


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