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It amazes me how many citizens try to build critical websites with free web host providers. Granted, we all love effects in life that are clear "free", but it doesn't at all times make sense to go that route if it will cost you more in the long run.

And I'm not just conversation in fiscal terms. Costs can also come in forms of time and energy. I don't know about you, but I don't like homicide those two belongings either.

Now, don't get me wrong. There are occasions where free websites make sense. Let's say you just want to apply your HTML skills and don't plan to show your website to anyone. Or perchance you are a minor and cannot catalog a field name yet. Your only choice is to decide on a free host. Those are two occasions where edifice a free website certainly makes sense, and of course of action there are a handful of other scenarios.

What I don't appreciate is when citizens tell me they want to start a affair website, but they want to build their site for free. Wait a sec. . . . starting a commerce with no start-up costs? Do you know of any lucrative businesses offline that got in progress for free? Do you think the founding fathers of Burger King and McDonalds went looking for free space to setup their stores?

Of classes they didn't since they sought citizens to take them and their commerce seriously. Even if they had found a free place to setup shop, it would have been evident it was free and they would have paid for it in the long run. That payment almost certainly would have come in the form of lack of sales and finally a shutdown.

Online big business is no atypical than offline in that respect. Sure there are some cost-saving profit to initial a commerce online versus offline, but to begin by compelling shortcuts will only prove calamity in the end. A website is the foundation of your business, and if your foundation is shaky it will make it very hard for you to prosper.

Disadvantages of Free Websites

  • Limited web page space
  • Search engines often dispense with them
  • No interactive facial appearance (chat rooms, idea boards, games, online ordering etc. )
  • Banners and/or pop ads on your homepage and/or all of your pages
  • Long website attend to (instead of yourdomain. com)
  • May not be free eternally
  • No guarantees of site availability and longevity
  • No branded emails addresses (you@yourdomain. com)
  • Poor assistance options (if any)

Free Hosts Lack Stability

One of the main evils I have with free web hosts is stability. Often times they grow too big too fast. Even despite the fact that they aren't charging you something for your site, they still have to pay their own monthly web hosting fees.

Most hosts have a bandwidth (traffic) limit and if you exceed it, they accuse you more. This in turn causes their web hosting costs to become more intense and if they can't give it, they are artificial to any shut down or begin charging you a fee.

So you both lose your site or end up paying for it anyway. And if you are enforced to pay for your site, you must pay doesn't matter what they choose to charge. Even if it's outrageous, many citizens end up paying just to keep from trailing their site.

Now you might say there's continually the alternative of judgment a different host, but that's not customarily very convenient. Think about it. If you button to a further host, not only do you have to convey all your files, but your website concentrate on will adjust since you don't own the domain. So all the colonize that bookmarked your site will now see a "Page Not Found" error when they try to visit your homepage.

Pop Ups and Banner Ads

There is naught that screams "amateur website" more than blinking banners and bothersome pop up windows. Granted, many users now own some kind of ad blocking software that will foil some of the pop ups from showing, but you develop have faith in a large portion of your interview is still as them. Also, blocking software doesn't at all times filter out everything.

What's even worse about the banner ads is you have no check over the frequency, appointment or content. Here you are demanding to be as authority as likely and an ad for Viagra flies crossways the screen, screaming at your visitors to "BUY ME NOW!" Real certified isn't it? ;)

Search Engines Are Tougher On You

As time goes on, it's in receipt of harder and harder to accomplish a good hunt engine ranking. Even if you buy your own field it takes some work to even get listed. . . much less ranked well. So having a free website makes it that much harder.

The free hosts have been given a bad name, primarily since customers often abandon their sites or use spamming tactics in endeavor to boost their ranking. Free websites also tend to be minor and lack condition comfort so they end up being paid disregarded by exploration engine spiders anyway.

Not in receipt of planned in any of the major engines would be enormously disappointing if you deliberate on in receipt of most of your passage from chairs like Yahoo, MSN, Google etc. Many booming businesses rely on this free traffic.

Limited Space and Functionality

Want to build an online store? Sorry, you can't do that on a free site. Want to build a chat room or implication forum? Sorry, you can do that on a free site either.

Are you considering a trend yet? Yup. . . free sites by and large have very narrow functionality so they're actually best apt for not public websites that only control text and pictures.

For defense reasons they don't by and large give you with the platform that you would need to build bonus functionality.

In Conclusion

Those are just a division of the issues you have to deal with be supposed to you conclude to start your big business with a free web host.

I could go on and on but optimistically you can see it's especially worth investing the small total every month to get your big business off on the right foot. The be in the region of web host cost less than $15 per month and many are under $10.

Remember, "free" approximately constantly comes with a price. It may not be monetary, but it could come in other forms that at the end of the day ruin your probability for success.

Lisa Irby is the dramatist of 2 Construct a Web Site -- a site that encourages you to educate by hand ahead of diving into the web site conception process. http://www. 2CreateAWebSite. com


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