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There are a number of back bid casual sites out there. Ahead of the big ones, minor ones are popping up each day. With the array of sitting room for a programmer to go and look for work the analysis systems in place on these sites don't count for as much as they did at one point in time. If you are belief about being paid a assignment off the bring down and using a service provider there are some basic rules you must go by.

1. ) State your needs evidently and effectively. If you need a programmer to help you write a adequate application you might want to start off by discovery a programmer to talk to. If you be au fait with the mechanical side of clothes change for the better you will get advance service. I can about agreement that.

2. ) Talk to the service provider by means of the sites clandestine idea board. It will give you a attempt to see how well they can communicate. Ask some questions that can't have cookie reaper responses. If you are bearing in mind freelancers that don't speak the same native tongue as you, you might have some announcement problems.

3. ) Remember, the capability to curriculum does not give a programmer the insight into your business. While you might know what a down line shop joint link morpher with a built in MLM coordination and a bend in half wide matrix, they may not appreciate you at all. Make sure you are quite clear and they DO appreciate you.

4. ) Reviews are important, but they are not everything. It's fine to give a celebrity new to the site a shot, as long as you be in touch well and you be a consequence the guidelines below.

5. ) DO NOT PAY UP FRONT- Use escrow in stages if you must, but just handing a big name money that you don't know is sort of silly. It's fair to delivery funds in stages for a long project. Make sure you get the find code at each circulate of the escrow as well. Just for the reason that they do a good job for the first two stages doesn't mean it will continue.

6. ) Make sure they are copy well commented code, a curriculum that needs to be abridged or superior upon is much easier with commented code. It will save you money in the long run, above all if this programmer isn't available.

7. ) Don't do a development in pieces if you can come up with the money for to do it all at once, it just increases the cost dramatically and will frustrate the programmer. Trust me on this one - a frustrated programmer doesn't work as hard.

8. ) Be concerned about pricing, you will get bids for just about nothing. . . . . sometimes you get what you pay for. Good indoctrination costs money, and time.

Freelance sites are a great way to get good class work done, and you can also get the other end of the spectrum - that is cheap and fast low quality. Know what your expectations are, and be realistic with yourself. You can't get a real activity level appliance made for a hundred dollars.

Article in black and white by Ed Charkow. Ed is the webmaster and lead programmer for Stmadeveloper and NicheSiteSpecial.

Reprint constitutional rights are accessible as long as the links in this resource box linger intact and clickable.


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