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That's right. According to a hot study by Nielsen/NetRatings, Amazon. com converts 12. 8% of its visitors into sales.

Do you know how they do it? (I do?)

I'm about to let you in on a a small amount cloak-and-dagger that 99% of online marketers (even most of the so called "experts") don't seem to understand?

The smartest, most lucrative online marketers and businesses invest as much time and money into civilizing conversion rates as they do in construction traffic.

Now that you know this "secret", ask yourself:

"Do I spend more time and money house travel than I do civilizing my website's conversion rates?"

If you are like most online marketers, I'll bet you answered "yes" to that question.

Why do companies like Amazon. com invest so much time, energy and money into civilizing conversion rates?

It's simple? They know that even small improvements in your conversion rates can churn out huge impacts on your floor line.

Often, boosting conversion rates by even 1% can bend in half or triple the effectiveness and profitability of your interchange edifice efforts.

Do you ever admiration how some of your competitors can allow to bid 2 or 3 times as much on a few pay-per-click keywords as you can?

The come back with is simple? Their websites are more actual at converting passage into sales.

Let's say your site converts 1% of your visitors into customers, and you earn a $100 profit on each sale.

With those figures the most you can allow to spend on each visitor is $1. 00 per click. (And, if you want to make a profit, you need to bid less than that?)

Now, if your competitor is promotion the same $100 profit, creation and his website converts 2% of visitors into customers. Your battle can come up with the money for to bid $2. 00 per click to break even. (The worst part is? Your competitor can out bid you at $1. 01 per click and earn a $0. 99 profit per visitor, while you are just contravention even at $1. 00 per click!)

The floor line is this?

If you amplify your website's conversion rate, you amplify the effectiveness of every marketing cash you spend.

Want to convalesce your conversion rates? Eric Graham is the CEO of more than a few flourishing online companies. Worldwide accepted as a top ability on eCommerce, Website Conversion & Internet Marketing, he's an in-demand amplifier & consultant.

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