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What your customers say about your site! part 1 - web-development


The subsequent is a list of patterns that many visitors follow, and you can use these suggestions to beat your site.

1. Your visitors often stay for less than 30 seconds. This is a very bad sign! There are a gathering of solutions for this. Often when a visitor foliage that fast, it's since amazing more or less "forced" her (the be around e-consumer is in fact a woman!) to leave. Common causes of this are ugly sites! I use the term ugly as many ugly sites are bringing in more money than you can imagine, but truley ugly sites, or ones with very hard to read / obnoxious text will force a visitor away.

Your site may load far too slow! If your site loads slower than 20 seconds, you are exactly forceful away a third of your traffic. By the time the rest of the interchange gets there, they will be abysmal of clicking a link as the same load times may apply there too!

Improper image loading or garbled code can also apply, but a new feature is AD clutter! AD confusion is when you have basically too many ads in contrast with authentic content. If ancestors think your site is promotion a consequence so awful that you have to rely on mounds of ads to survive, then they won't be ready to buy from you!

2. Your links get more passage than your contented pages! See basis one for doable solutions, as this trend often means that your links are looking more hopeful than the rest of your site to your visitors!

3. Your visitors only just ever return! This one is harder to fix, but just as critical as the ones earlier. If you can at all, give away a free artifact or experiment in argument for an email address, and use that adress for abide by up emails, to keep the visitor aware of your services.

Many capability customers won't come back as they don't have a basis too! Bring up to date your site with eloquent information, or making an allowance for adding together a messageboard/forum.

That's all for now, see part 2 for more information!

Mark Shay and Chris Everson
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