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As a big business you can't find the money for to disregard the Internet Age; in 2002 there was an estimated 605 million associates online about the full globe, today this is estimated at over a billion users worldwide.

By using the Internet to bazaar your affair an full world of capability customers are opened up for you, fairly than just your local town, city, or country.

Some Facts:

? According to Forrester Examination Inc approximately 2. 5 billion worth of goods and armed forces were sold online to US and European customers in 1998, more than bend in half the 1997 figure.

? In the last six months more than a third of households have made a buy online, this is bend in half last year's records - Forrester anticipate this will reach 40% of households by 2009.

? In 2004 the top 400 retailers totalled online sales of about 25 billion, in the US this accounted for over 58% of all retail sales.

? Online sales grow by 25% each year.

? Over 40 million budding customers used the Internet last year in search of out local information; even if your focus is on the local market, you still need to be using the Internet to make sales.

Every day buyer confidence in online shopping soars; this is appropriate to you as a affair whether you sell to customers or commerce to business.

Having a website isn't just about having a 'presence' on the Internet any longer - just so that you can show that you are a legitimate business, it's about linking with customers via the Internet, and creation sales absolutely from your apparition on the Internet, as consider it or not most of your budding customers are amply alert to this.

If you don't have a website yet and have been in affair longer than six months, a bit is very wrong with your marketing plan - and if you do have a website but aren't using this as a doorway to gain Internet custom in adding to your offline marketing, again, a bit is very wrong with your marketing strategy. + Some Reasons Why You Completely Need a Website

No boundaries: As before now mentioned, the world is your oyster when you utilise the Internet as it is meant to be utilised; for most big business there must be no geographical restrictions for your buyer base.

Speed: Time easily hurt equipment can be on the rampage instantly, no need to wait for the arrangement designer, printing firm, and then post to consign the most modern incentives or news to your buyer base.

Convenience: Customers can loose (or bin) your affair card and brochures, they can't 'loose' your website, which gives them ready approach to your acquaintance in rank be supposed to they wish to work with you/buy from you again.

In accumulation they can find out in rank about your armed forces and/or crop at a time that is handy for them, considerably than being tied to your commerce hours which may not suit them.

Getting a website, ensuring it is well intended and convenient for construction sales is just half of your slog unfortunately; your next step is ensuring it is acceptably marketed so that ability buyers can in reality find it using a exploration engine search.

The most admired approach of discovery goods and air force is via a examination engine - as a result once your website is considered and launched you'll need to pay interest to hunt engine optimisation to make certain that capability customers can in fact find you. This is just one way of marketing your website, albeit one of the most important.

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