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Better Web Site ROI

How to add to your affair profitability by hundreds of percent

Websites are ever-present these days and each one is frustrating to get a better web site ROI. With millions upon millions of sites all demanding to appeal to the same traffic, what can you do to convalesce your web site ROI?

What's In A Name

You can use Google Adwords to very abruptly and cost effectively improve your affair profitability by a considerable total - hundreds probably thousands of percent. It all depends on where your site is starting from.


Great question, you get a mere 4 lines of text to play with in Adwords so every lone line counts. Even more than that every definite dispatch counts (even the Capitalisation of letters will make a discrepancy to your click all through rates believe it or not).

But what's in a name?

Your name in your ad is of avenue your URL. When crafting an ad, most associates spend a lot of time concentrating on the headline (well worth doing as it is the most critical part arguably) and on the ad text (also a good thing but not as critical as you'd think).

After the headline, the next thing that prospects eyes are drawn to is. . .

Yes you've guessed it - your name - your URL!

But what can I do with my URL I hear you say?

Just for the reason that you have 1 field name doesn't mean you need to use it. There is nonentity in Google's T&C's that prohibits you from using a atypical display URL to that of your destination URL (although you will have to own the demonstrate URL and it must resolve to a relatable page - i. e. If you're publicity pet food, it must be about pet food and not resolve to www. pdqprospects. com for example.

Hundreds of percent more profitable?

There is nonentity stopping you using as many province names as it takes to give you a develop web site ROI.

We have conducted tests outlined above with some of our clients. Outcome have ranged from 46% all the way through to 76% more profitable area names.

These fallout are applicable to your bottom line profitability - bring to mind 76% more interchange will result in a like for like become more intense in bed line profits and your outcome are in the same way applicable on and offline, whatever grabs consideration online charitable you a change for the better web site ROI will do likewise in offline promotion media.

We have also seen a 113% development on one of our tests (with a small sample) but we stopped the test early as our outcome were statistically significant and before you for a bigger appraise was a moot point - we knew we had a winner.

Pop Quiz

One of my clients Jonathan Stanley has amiably permitted me to show you the fallout of our tests with him. Bear in mind the next adverts and their display URL's:

  • www. talkingleadership. com
  • www. thisisleadership. com
  • www. leadsuccessfully. com
  • www. myleadershipcenter. com
  • www. leadingeffectively. com

Which of the above field names was the winner and which do you think was the loser?

Well, the consequences are as follows from worst to last:

  • MyLeadershipCenter. com 9 clicks
  • LeadingEffectively. com 17 clicks
  • LeadSuccessfully. com 18 clicks
  • ThisIsLeadership. com 21 clicks
  • TalkingLeadership. com 37 clicks
Who would have attention it? I definitely wouldn't but then that's the point you will never know until you test.

My merit to Jonathan Stanley once again at www. TalkingLeadership. com for allowing me the use of this example.

And what else can you do with your text?

And even if you want to use your offered area there's plenty you can still do - bring to mind CAPITALISATION?

And then there is subdomains or even appended address list names.

All it takes is a diminutive imagination and you'll find a much better web site ROI!

Tom O'Brien is a licensed Google Adwords Canvass Management Expert and helps web sites get beat ROI. For additional tips/tricks on using Adwords effectively, visit: http://www. pdqprospects. com/index. html


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