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Many web developers today are first to KISS their website, and it shows!

No, I don't mean they get hot and heavy with the monitor, I mean they apply the basic morals of Keep It Austere Stupd! (KISS)

Many sites today are focusing on high end graphics, far ahead java scripts, attractive logos, and other frivolous factors. What they don't apprehend is that it's a win win game if you keep it simple.

1. At ease sells! Ancestors go to websites for reasons. Each they want information, entertainment, or products. Don't give them stuff they can't use, or effects they don't want. Don't sell magazine subscriptions on your car reinstallation site. Keep it clear-cut stupid!

2. Avoid distracting graphics and crowded ads! If you've ever pulled out up a newspaper, you'll both see very barely ads, or very appropriate ads. You'll announcement that AdSense doesn't ceremony accidental ads, it reviews its existing page scene and displays ads based on it's surround keywords. No one wants to look at ads for car assurance when your advertising real estate. No one likes being harrassed by popups, (pop-unders on exit aren't as annoying, but it's up to you) Keep it clean stupid!

3. Stick to the basics! Don't worry about releasing appealing Press Releases or fighting with other sites for links. Avoid assassination your time on silly belongings like paying for bulk transfer packages, or signing up for Free For All association pages. Bestow and get links that your VISITORS will like, not the hunt engines! The SE's aren't out there for webmasters, they are out there to endow with a convenient tool for it's users. Do it au natural.

Forums are among the easiest clothes to get ranked and popular. Why are forums so popular? Since they keep it austere stupid! Associates want in a row and discussion, and most forums give just that.

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