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One of the equipment that many colonize overlook when construction a new website is keywords. I have to admit, I did closely the same thing for myself when I happening out. You can build the flashiest, most expert looking website, with lots of great content, but if you don't think about keywords first your website is most apt to be doomed for bankruptcy - at least as far as hunt engines are concerned.

Visitors from explore engines are the most beleaguered types of visitor that you could hope for. What you need to do is find out which keywords these associates are using when they exploration in Google, Yahoo or MSN and guarantee that your web page(s) are optimized for these keywords.

When researching your keywords you need to make sure that you

1. Choose keywords that ancestors are in point of fact penetrating for. Don't optimize your site for keywords that colonize infrequently hunt on.

2. Choose keywords that are not too abundantly competitive - if you're an SEO whiz that is

If you keep these two goals in mind when choosing keywords you will have the best attempt doable of rising to the lofty heights of the explore engine domino effect pages.

So, what's the best way to do keyword research? I've tried many another tools, but my desired by is Wordtracker. You can sign up for a free trial of Wordtracker but if you're considerable about your keyword do research be concerned about using the full account as it allows you to choose ad lib keywords and includes domino effect from 8 atypical exploration engines, 3 altered directories and 4 another pay per click engines, compared to 1 examination engine and 30 keywords in the trial version.

Once you're logged into Wordtracker I counsel using the "Keyword Universe" to breakthrough for keywords. You just need to type in any keywords correlated to your area of advantage and then use the built in lexicon to find connected keywords and synonyms. For illustration if I enter the keywords "internet marketing" Wordtracker proceeds 300 correlated keywords counting "web site marketing", "promotion" and "online marketing".

Wordtracker then allows me to view a list of all the keyword searches that have integrated my keyword phrase. If I click on "web site marketing" Wordtracker takings 118 rows of keywords that bring in that phrase, for case "web site marketing", "web site marketing strategy", "web site online marketing" and more.

If I like the look of these keywords I can just add them to my basket and carry on choosing keywords until I have 100s of keywords. For this case in point I'll just add the 118 consequences to my basket and go on on to Wordtracker's "Competition Analysis".

At the battle chemical analysis phase I have a come to of exploration engines, directories and pay per click engines to desire from. I can decide on a ceiling of two explore engines, but for speed I as a rule tend to just go for Google, since it represents 35% of all searches. I can all the time go back later and look at other hunt engines if I have a good set of keywords.

Now the attractive part begins?

Wordtracker profits me a table with the first 100 keywords from my ahead keyword selection. The keywords are displayed in order of "KEI", which means "Keyword Effectiveness Index". This is a calculate to allow you to abruptly categorize which keywords are liable to give you the best results. Keywords with high KEIs are the best targets as these be a symbol of keywords with a arrangement of a high amount of searches and a low sum of competing websites.

Other crucial information provided by Wordtracker are:

24 Hours - The predicted sum of travel for a lone day, for this explore engine only (Google in this case)

Competing - The amount of competing websites for this keyword phrase.

Here's an case in point of two of the fallout returned from my "marketing web site" search:

Example 1
"marketing web site design"
KEI - 54. 256
Count - 46
24Hrs - 17
Competing - 39

Example 2
"web site marketing"
KEI - 0. 256
Count - 505
24Hrs - 171
Competing - 998000

You can see from these examples that the most common keyword couch here is "web site marketing", with approximately 171 searches in Google every 24 hours. However, this keyword expression has just about a million competing websites, so if you certain to affect this you would have a long hard slog to get on the first page of the exploration results.

In this example, my fondness would be to elect the "Marketing web site design" phrase. While there are 10 times less searches on Google per day for this keyword phrase, there are only 39 competing websites. So the probability are that I can get onto the first page of examination consequences very quickly. I could also blend this keyword expression with a few others from my delve into to build up the add up to of visitors to my site.

Once you have complete researching and have a good keyword list, make sure that add your keywords to

- the page title

- the h1 and h2 tags

- the image alt tags

- the keyword meta tags

- the copy itself

Also make sure that you comprise the keywords in the announcer text when you are between to your site from a different site.

Going because of this application of choosing keywords each time you set up a new website or construct a new webpage will make certain that you have the best accidental of receiving beleaguered examination engine visitors.

Suzanne Morrison is the webmaster of Starting an Internet Business. You can sign up here for a Free Trial of Wordtracker

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