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August 8 2005, Macromedia announced a circulate of Studio 8. Based on the opinion of before users, Macromedia made it's by now very brawny software even better.

Dreamweaver 8 improvements include:

CSS panel

With the new CSS panel it is very easy to add, view and edit CSS styles.

XML integration

In Dreamweaver 8 you are able to click and drag XML files into the layout. And if you are using XSLT to configure the XML, the code hints will help you do that easily.


Use guides to help you align your web page elements

Zoom in-out

This is the new article which helps you zoom in and out of the layout, plateful you focus on definite basics of your web project. This may be very accommodating to ancestors who are functioning with print.

Coding toolbar

This is a appear that was existing in Homesite. It is a bar to the left of the code view that helps you comment, un-comment, breakdown and enlarge code, ceremony or hide line records etc.

Web Development

Dreamweaver 8 now chains digest endorsement and SSL for assure servers, PHP 5 coding standards, rationalized aid for ColdFusion MX 7 etc.

Background file transfer

New functionality enables users to work with files in their local apparatus while Dreamweaver communicates with the server.

Visit Macromedia website for more information.

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