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Getting a Besieged Visitor to a website is a waste of time and money if you've got no idea what 98% of them do when they get there.

I'm haughty that if you have a website promotion crop that your conversion rate is at least 2%. So you must know at least what 2 out of every 100 embattled visitors do and that's make a purchase.

But do you know what they did ahead of they made a acquire and if they'd have purchased sooner, if it were not for some issue they had with your website ?

How much do you know about what 98 out of 100 or 98% of your beleaguered visitors are doing ? If the come back with is a big fat zero, you're throwing money down the drain and gone a fair-haired chance to learn from every under attack visitor not just 2% of them.

If you could detect a way to stop and ask every besieged visitor why they're goodbye your website and they'd give you a reply, would you be concerned ?

Sure you would, what website owner wouldn't. OK if you said No, then you'd develop stop comprehension this now. Of course of action no such way exists to stop and ask every exit besieged visitor. Until it does the only way to learn from a beleaguered visitor is ask them to accomplish a appraise or learn about their behaviour on a website using beleaguered visitor tracking.

If you're using just web hosting stats to tell you what your besieged visitor is doing then you're putting physically at a very big disadvantage. So you know what countries your interchange comes from, what URL's referred them, the total come to of pages viewed each day and what part of the day gets most traffic. Well that's advance than nothing.

If you have a good web hosting stats box you may even know how much time a beleaguered visitor group spends on your site. From this at least you know how many visitors found your site appealing a sufficient amount to stay longer than 30 seconds.

But do you know faithfully which pages are viewed each day, what page links are clicked, or if in succession Adsense Ads, what Ad your besieged visitor clicked on ?

If you're still wondering accurately how tracking what a besieged visitor does on you website can help you, let me explain.

By tracking what pages get the most views day by day, you can tell what pages a under attack visitor finds interesting.

If you alteration the at ease of a page you can track how many more, or less times the page is viewed. By education what contented safety a visitor you can bring more of it considerably than guessing what they're concerned in. More attractive germane at ease means potentially more visitors.

By tracking changes in the course-plotting to a page you can tell if the page then gets more visits.

Pages could have at ease that a under attack visitor would find attractive but your offered map-reading may be what's stopping them from decision them. By building a alteration to the routing and tracking page views for that page over the next days, you can balance the domino effect with what you had ahead of the alter was made.

By tracking any Adsense Ads you know which Ads are being clicked on and can for that reason amplify your exposure for those Ads.

You do this by creating comparable comfort pages that will aspect that type of Ad. This gives you the chance to get more Adsense revenue.

By tracking a besieged visitor frequent to your website after clicking away you can judge how appealing they find your website.

How much do you know about what your embattled visitor does on your website ahead of they made a asset ?

Tracking tells you what links a customer clicked on, what pages they viewed beforehand they purchased and even if they came from one of your own Ads.

It's an conventional fact that most citizens don't make a buy on the first visit. They will have a look about a website, then come back hours or days later, i don't know even quite a few more times beforehand they make a purchase.

It's achievable to track all this action and even have a account emailed to you after your besieged visitor buys.

Armed with this sort of in rank you can see how often the buyer returned ahead of they made a purchase, on what dates and what pages they viewed.

If they kept appearance back to the same page they could have found a touch they were unsure about. This gives you the ability to take a look at that page, conduct experiment with some changes and track the results.

If you think beleaguered visitor tracking is only surrounded by the reach of big corporate websites with big budgets you'd be mistaken. You can employ all the embattled visitor tracking I've described on any website, for a distinct payment of less than $120 and no monthly fees.

A embattled visitor tracking coordination that enabled you to make just minor improvements to your website could pay for itself in 17 days !

Let's say you get 45 embattled visitors to your website every day and 2% of them buy a artifact quotation $47. Your website income would be 45 x 2% x $47 or $42. 30 per day.

Now let's affect by using embattled visitor tracking you learn an adequate amount from your visitor behaviour to make some improvements to the contented and course-plotting on your website.

Let's advance fake your changes convalesce your website conversion rate from 2% to 2. 1% and add to the amount of besieged visitors from 45 per day to 50 per day as they find your at ease more applicable and interesting.

Doing the same math's again but with 50 embattled visitors and 2. 1% purchasing the same $47 product, the website income would be 50 x 2. 1% x $47 or $49. 35 per day.

This means the minor improvements made from what you academic from your embattled visitor tracking have amplified your website gain from $42. 30 per day to $49. 35 per day, an amplify of $7. 05 per day.

This means from extra dividend of $7. 05 per day and a beleaguered visitor tracking coordination estimate $120 or less, the classification paid for itself in 120/7. 05 or 17 days.

In the 2nd part of this condition Tracking a Beleaguered Visitor on Your Website I illustrate in detail, two systems that any website owner can use for under attack visitor tracking.

Now you have no apology for ahead contact to under attack visitor in order you never knew you could and use it to your advantage.


Like many website owners you in all probability spend time and money in receipt of under attack visitor passage to your website only to get about 2% creation a purchase. But you're pouring money down the drain if you don't learn from the 98% who didn't buy from you.

The only way to learn from a visitor is to ask them, or learn from their behaviour by decision out where they go and what they do on your website. The last requires embattled visitor tracking systems in place on your website.

Even if what you educated from this embattled visitor tracking enabled you to make only minor improvements to your website, the approach could pay for itself in 17 days.

Tony Simpson, Advises on Website Design, Promotion and Optimization. He also offers free website reviews for those website owners imperfect to determine what improvements could be made to their websites. Tony also offers guidance all through his Classified Contact Connection at Webpageaddons, which is at present free, once you sign-up and are accepted. The 2nd part of his commentary is at: Tracking a Beleaguered Visitor on Your Website


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