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URL rewriting are major needs for your sites that construct a dynamic pages like PHP pages with redirection pages confidential your index page.

What is APACHE URL Mod Adjust ?

URL Mod Adjust is a Apache web head waiter module that can manipulate your URL on fly when a visitors join your URL pages.

A mod adjust mode is usefull to changes your earliest URL to all types of the URL you dreamed about.

In this link below you will find some solutions guides to use the mod alter scripts :

A Users Guide to URL Rewriting with the Apache Webserver
http://www. engelschall. com/pw/apache/rewriteguide/#ToC1

Why do you need URL mod_rewriting?

#1 URL manipulating

If you want to hide your earliest URL and what scripts that you used on it. You can use mod rewrite.

#2 Can be usefull for a At ease Management Arrangement Based on Text. Content Management Classification has been used by 80% webmasters in the World. Ussualy they used mod alteration to move the certificate root to the top level priority.

For an case in point :

if yout want to changes your URL from :
www. yourdomain. com/e/www

And then by using mod alter to adjustment the URL to this :
www. yourdomain. com/

This module was usefull to make your web URLs look more profesional.

#3 Exploration Engine Optimization.

Search Engine will crawl your site with their bot scripts. By the delve into shows that most Explore Engines were desire a HTML pages fairly than a Dynamic pages.

So that they can amplify your link popularity and make they easy to crawl all through your site content.

By using mod_rewrite URL management , you can changes your dynamic pages to a html URL address.

For an illustration :
www. yourdomain. com/index. php?screen=home
You can changes it to this by mod_rewrite:
www. yourdomain. com/index. html

In other words: With mod_rewrite you each shoot manually in the foot the first time and never use it again or love it for the rest of your life since of its power.

This paper tries to give you a few first hit procedures to avoid the first case by presenting before now imaginary solutions to you.

About an Author

Handry Teguh is a web designer and articles publishers at http://www. buaya. com. And now his job was an IT Answer Consultant and Implementator in security and storages solutions of Multi Vendors Artifact like : CA, MICROSOFT, GFI, SYMANTEC, CCTV.


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