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You have seen those web pages where they have the name of the Name Web recurring over over over in accord tiles as the background. Now by subsequent these 9 Austere steps you too can construct a web page Branded with your Name, or Business Name.

I am far from a clear designer but by using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Paint and these 9 Clean Steps. I have been able to conceive Tiled credentials Images.

Step 1

Go into Microsoft Word and Build a Word Art with your Text.

  • Click on Menu Item Addition then Consider Then Word Art.

  • Cliquey a Word Art Template

  • Enter Your Word art Text

  • Choose your Font Style and Size

  • Rotate your Word Art (Going from Top Right to Base Left seems to work best)

Step 2

Open Paint and build a New File

  • Click on Menu Item File the New

Step 3

In Paint ---- Set Image Attributes Size to

Width 168 Pixels

Height 197 Pixels

  • Click on Menu Item Image then Attributes
  • Type 168 in Width Text Box
  • Type 197 in Height Text Box
  • Decide on Pixels
  • Click OK Button

Step 4

Go back to Microsoft word and Copy the Word Art Image

  • Right Click on the Image then click copy

Step 5

Go to paint and Paste the Word Image

  • Click on Menu Item Edit then Paste

Step 6

In paint elect your credentials Color

  • Click on Menu Item Insignia and Choice your Color
  • Then Click the Hardly paint Can (Fill with Color)
  • Then Click the Image

Step 7

Save Your Paint File as a Gif or JPG - img. jpg or img. jpg

  • Click on Menu Item File then Save As
  • Type a File name in the Type In Box (myimage. jpg)
  • Select GIF or JPG from the File Type Choice Box
  • Click the Save Close

Step 8

Upload the Image to your Web Page http://domain/images/myimage. jpg

step 9

Place the subsequent code exclusive your body tag background=http://domain/images/myimage. jpg

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