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The augmentation in Internet usage about the world is shocking - 146% in the five years prior to March 2005. And it's not just European and North American users on the Net. The highest augmentation was found in Africa with an about 200% amplify in usage. I am often pleasantly bowled over as to how fast the internet contacts are in 'developing countries' like Indonesia - much closer than the association at my parent's farm in rural Alberta in fact!

But wait - don't rush off and start translating your web site into Official or Setswana just yet. 'Internationalizing' a web site it does not inevitably mean translation, at least not initially.

Who is exceedingly your customer?

Just since you sell the furthermost new crop growing tool, it doesn't mean that you will sell absolutely to every green thumb gardener in the United Kingdom - you would use a sales agent or distributor, right? So it makes sense that you would use your web site to find a British big business partner instead than as the crow flies customers. Use your web site to make known as if you were hiring a new worker and list the come into contact with and contacts your new partner must have. I advise that you cook a 'Partner Inquest Questionnaire' that will weed out the truly concerned from the rotten apples. If they take the time to fill it out, they are serious. If not, you haven't cadaverous your time.

If you have previously identified a partner, use your web site to promote them. List their call fine points - use a page upper-class 'International,' 'Distributors' or 'Global Locations' and link to their web site. If they don't have one, or it is very basic with hardly or no in a row you can endow with a advantageous ceremony by connecting to industrial in rank on your site, or bestow them with clean training code that they can incorporate into their own site.

Not world wide - yet

If appropriately promoted, your web site will cause exploration from all over the world. However, if your ballet company is only shipping its widgets in North American right now, save each time and crack by openly stating so right on your web page.

If you have plans to enter new markets in the near future, call engrossed customers to be put on an e-mail announcement list. It's an admirable way to gauge marketplace advantage - and think of how easy it will be to hit the base in a row with this list of prospects, once you do enter the market.

Where the heck is Saskatchewan?

When that awe-inspiring new dig visits your 'Contact' page, is it clear who you are and how they can reach you? Be sure that your associate in order is understandable by any person who reads it, apart from of where they are from.

- Don't use abbreviations like St. or AB. Spell out the full word.

- Be sure to be a symptom of which fatherland you are located in. Intercontinental customers may not achieve that Saskatchewan is a county in Canada.

- If you have a toll-free number, denote where it works (e. g. in North America only). For other numbers, be sure to consist of the land code.

- When catalog your hours of operation, use the 24 hour clock and note the time zone (and if applicable, whether you comply with daylight savings time), family member to Harmonized Common Time (UTC). For example, a affair in Alberta could be a symptom of that its hours of company are:

Monday - Friday, 08:00 - 17:00

November - March: Mountain Average Time (MST) = UTC-7

April - October: Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) = UTC-6

Keep it current

I hate visiting web sites with a 'What's New' divide up with an entry from 2001, the year the web site was launched, or worse - nobody is new! Be sure to herald your worldwide behavior - trade shows you will be attending, new markets launched, successes abroad. . .

Be wary of any inventory any in a row that, while convenient for your domestic customers, can build conflict for your exotic partner. For example, an on-line price list is convenient in Canada but hazardous if you accuse a another price for your export customers. The same belief applies to goods that you may not be able to offer in all markets. Be clear and you ought to be able to avoid any conflicts.

We're not in Saskatchewan anymore

It's time for your web site to chew on your large-scale aspirations, whether or not you are a world class company, or be going to to be someday!

And if you are still intent on translating your site, believe that there are 291 million English foreign language Internet users, 113 million Chinese and 67 million Japanese followed by Spanish (57 million), German (54 million and French (37 million).

Copyright 2005.

Cheryl Lockhart of Global Strategies Ltd. assists small- to medium-sized Canadian and alien enterprises follow the map the complexities of inclusive big business development. Army bring in worldwide cast identification and management, promote delve into and breakdown and alien partner development.

To learn more about exporting and gain approach to more FREE e-zines, visit her web site http://www. intl-strategies. com


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