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When used to express a web site, the term "sticky" refers to a site that is able to get spectators to stay at the site longer and come back frequently. Sticky web sites are more possible to turn audience into customers.

10 Ways to Make Your Web Site "Sticky"

1. Keep contented fresh! Feed daily news or bring up to date the site habitually with new information.

2. Use apposite interactive tools for criticism and user input such as chat rooms, argument boards, polls and surveys, or comment forms.

3. Teach your viewers. Adding together tutorials and quick how-to articles to your site is a great way to bring addressees back. Proving you're an knowledgeable in your field will also help turn listeners into customers.

4. Offer an electronic newsletter. Allow audience to subscribe to your "e-newsletter" and consist of advertisements or metaphors of your new crop and military in the newsletter.

5. Keep your web site pages light in content. In other words, don't fill the check with a lot of text and assume your addressees to stick around!

6. Make the routing intuitive. Use customary course-plotting tools such as hyperlinks, buttons, or pull-down menus. Ask others to direct your site and give you feedback. Develop still, make it likely for addressees to afford advice when they're not able to find what they're looking for.

7. Give a little away for free and hold a contest that allows audience to enter daily! What advance prize to give away than your goods or services?

8. Brand your web site with your corporate identity. Make sure your logo is on the site and evident to the viewer. Displaying the web site's concentrate on on the page along with your organization's associate in order will help them find their way back to you.

9. Afford value-add in a row to your viewers. This could bring in suggested books, tips, top tens, creation manuals, tools for download, or other constructive information.

10. Make your site visually appealing and easy to read. Dark text on a light conditions is more apt to keep your spectators reading. Keep the graphics to a minimum, though! Disproportionate use of graphics will force your pages to load slower and potentially turn your listeners away.

Sherry Schuller is Leader of ViralCommerce. com and Zabbo Communications. She is the break down of the Alliance on Strategic Cyst for Businesses and Entrepreneurs, co-author of 222 Ways to Commercial Success, and has assisted many organizations with strategic planning, branding, marketing, promotion design, training, and claim development. She was formerly an Internet Specialist for IBM's foremost North American distributor, Commerce Partner Solutions (now Avnet), and an autonomous consultant for a number of firms, as well as PRIMEDIA, Inc. , the important donor of embattled at ease and integrated marketing solutions in consumer and business-to-business sectors.


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