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cPanel is a check panel for your website and allows you to set up and cope your web bank account because of a graphical boundary as a replacement for of having to use charge line. This means that you can make changes to your website devoid of having to learn to use a be in charge line environment. There are a category of be in command of panels out there, most gift a graphical border and surrendering approach to email management, FTP, subdomain administration, website statistics, etc. With a be in command of panel, you can add/remove email financial statement or view disk usage and info for your site by clicking on a shortcut and incoming the apt information.

cPanel is the foremost charge panel on the promote today. The two other big players in the be in charge of panel arena are Plesk and Ensim.

Ensim offers a assortment of skin and four levels of administration: electrical device owner, reseller, site owner and user bill owner. Ensim is the be with most used charge panel and compares well with cPanel, but its edge can every so often be awkward to find the way and can be baffling to the users.

Plesk is alleged to be very stable, which is a advantageous attribute if you have critical in order which requires acute stability. Plesk also provides more aid for computerization and has a large array of plug-ins to augment its free features. On the down side, like Ensim, Plesk's user crossing point is harder to use than that of cPanel. It also does not confine as many skin tone as cPanel.

With its classy design, user-friendly edge and rich features, cPanel cadaver one of the most common be in charge of panels on the market. It's easy to cross with the icon-based menu and it provides all the tools compulsory to cope your website.

Below is a assortment of the skin accessible in cPanel:


Add and confiscate email accounts

Set up email forwarding, mailing lists and auto-responders

Web mail allows you to read and calm emails someplace in the world

FTP Manager

Set up FTP accounts

Set up dull FTP access

FTP gathering control

File Manager

The File Director fundamentally replaces an FTP course and allows you to upload files to and download files from your website. It is a stand-alone file management agenda with a graphical interface.


You can help and do up your website at a click.


cPanel allows you to conceive and control sub-domains. Sub-domains can be used for many assorted purposes, counting hosting links or clients.

Raw Log Manager

You can desire how raw logs are stored on your account.

Raw Admittance Log

You can download the raw approach logs for any area in your account. This in order is constructive for tracking user movements.

Error Log

The error log displays all the "404 File does not exist" errors so you can find out what files are lost from your website.

MySQL Databases

If you use MySQL databases for your website, you will have the capacity to deal with all your databases with this option.

Agora Shopping Cart

You can fit Agora Shopping Cart on your website. This is a brawny shopping cart arrangement which will allow you to start your own ecommerce website.

There are many more constructive skin texture free in cPanel. With such a rich assortment of features, it's no astonishment that cPanel is the most used be in command of panel. So make sure that your hosting band offers cPanel ahead of signing up. For more in order about cPanel, visit www. frontierpowerhosting. com

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