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Dan Kennedy once said that if you can't make money devoid of money? then? you won't make money with money either.

Those words swirled in my brain over and over. Then, one fine day, I certain to test them out. Here's what I did:

I was in succession my own promotions and noticed that the Internet was commencement to unfurl. A barely voice in the back of my head told me I had develop jump into cyberspace.

But I did not have a website to promote my services. So the distrust was, "How do I get copywriting clients lacking expenditure money?"

So, I wrote an email and sent it to about 20 Internet "big hitters". That email earned me over $45,000 in about one year.

The aim it cost naught is for the reason that I sent it from the library.

And so, I proved Dan Kennedy's words true, that you could, in fact, make money lacking expenditure money.

However, I don't advise you do what I did. As transfer unsolicited email is not a good idea. Of course, I did have one advantage. I was contacting colonize who were attracted in copywriting so they were not going to account me to the "Internet SS".

One of the "big hitters" I contacted - who I owe a great debt of gratefulness - is "Mr. Fire" himself, Joe Vitale.

A few days ago, he referred me to Chris Ellington of www. ArticleMarketer. com.

After comprehension his website I can tell you this: Clause marketing, done right, is one of the best no cost tools to promote a website you will ever discover.

Notice that I said? If You Do It Right!

What does that mean?

Well, you certainly have to know how to write articles so that they are both informative and get colonize to your website.

Which means agreement the two-fold drive of characters articles:

1. To acquaint with physically as an authority on your topic? and?

2. Get ancestors to read your "resource box" and click the website link.

And you need to find the best way to get your articles distributed. There are chiefly two ways. Both you sign up for admission to ezines that agree to articles? or? you "hire" an commentary circulation service.

If you go the first route you are going to manually send articles out. This is both deadly and unnecessary.

Because www. ArticleMarketer. com has a free commentary circulation advantage option. They also offer two paid options for better exposure. Which are dirt cheap.

Go to www. ArticleMarketer. com and read over the website. Take a look at the options they provide. I can more or less assure that no be of importance what you sell this plan will work for you too.

John Anghelache is a copywriter and marketing strategist who develops high-ticket information products. His FREE book "How To Turn Your Expertise And Ideas Into A Affair That Can Make You Rich" is existing at? http://www. TurnIdeasIntoProfits. com


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