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Go to any internet marketing forum you want these days and one of the topics is sure to be whether or not there is a "sandbox" at Google where new sites are artificial to come and play for 3-6 months already amalgamation the ranks of ranked and searched results. On the apparent it would arrive on the scene that this is so. New sites are typically captivating a long time to get indexed and even longer to show up in the exploration results. So hence, the sandbox theory. Let's appraise some possible reasons and more importantly, our corollary to it.

The most apparent possibility, (since no one exterior of Google actually knows) is that as of the proliferation of spam on the engines, Google is glance all the links to these new sites. From time to time a new site will arrive on the scene sporting thousands of backlinks, and this takes some time to check, even given a rolling schedule of indexing by that pesky spider! Google it seems is acute about link farms, and anything that smacks of that may take some time to get indexed. But then, so will most other sites. It is a very large index, (some say approaching capacity, despite the fact that I doubt that will turn out to be true) and it is a huge task to keep it flow and free of extraneous (read poor) search results. There are other ideas out there, and conspiracy theories abound, one being that it is an evil plot to force newer sites in explore of passage to remedy to paying for Google Adwords. Uh-huh. A chiefly amusing thread is presently attractive place at the High Rankings forum, a must-read for all conspiracy theorists!

Since we don't know, can't know, will not know for sure until the Google Gods unlock the keys to the kingdom and enlighten us; it only makes sense to this webmaster to get on with life. I've got new sites waiting, as do many. We all fade away at PR0 until (or if) there's a different update. Some sites get chosen up more rapidly than others, and to some extent that is a calculate of SEO. Conversely just get over it! Since there's nobody distinct we can do bar build great content sites with lots of applicable links (legitimate) why worry about any sandbox?!? Don't get your knickers in a knot! Write more content, articles, and get more sites to link to you since of the worth of your site. There are other sources of traffic, go get them! Do the right thing for your business. Spend time on it, not worrying about this.

Many of the important voices in SEO agree that there may indeed be a "sandbox", and if there is, that may not necessarily be a bad thing. You don't want some farmer (link) grade ahead of your cautiously crafted content site, do you? Of classes not! One thing is sure: if there is a sandbox, it belongs to Google and if you want to play, follow the rules and don't cry! Pay or play!

Keith Thompson is the Webmaster at Internet Marketing Here & Now! a site ardent to bringing you the most modern and best in website promotion.


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