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I talk with so many associates who have small businesses and would like to have a web apparition but don't know the first thing about how to even get started. Some of the reasons I hear are:

- I don't know how to build a website.

- I have a sufficient amount work to do. . . when am I going to assert a website?

- I don't want to keep paying a big name everytime I want to inform my website.

So when I tell them they CAN have a website not including the mechanical knowledge, not including charming a lot of time, and not including hiring a webmaster, they are eager to find out what this incredible clarification is.

The blend is a CMS!

What the heck is a CMS?

A CMS is a Comfortable Management System. CMS's are the newest equipment for the non-technical big business character to certainly avow a website exclusive of mechanical assistance. A CMS can be at once installed onto your accessible website, contains its own list that supplies all of your website information, and gives you a nice user-friendly executive display that allows you to by a long shot inform the whole thing on your site not including having the need to absorb html or hire a celebrity else with expert knowledge.

You can bring out your own articles, newsletters, calendar events, run your own forums and chats, demonstrate photo galleries and much more! All of the contented is finally under your control. So when you get that GREAT idea in the central of the night, you don't have to call your webmaster. You can austerely log in and make the changes yourself!

A contented management coordination can be used for all from clean websites to complicated corporate applications. Some of the skin texture include:

Advertising management (banners, etc).

Media (images, documents) upload and management.

Content exhibit scheduling.

Content syndication (RSS).

Internationalisation (interface translation).

Advanced and break free approach admin system.

Advanced package/addon/template exploitation system.

Simple but authoritative outline system.

Heirarchial user admittance groups.

Basic visitor statistics.

Multiple WYSIWYG contented editor support.

Simple polls.

Content voting/rating system.

Extended user profiles.


Media galleries.

Document managers.


Scheduling Calendars.

Categorized Weblinks.

Content management systems are admired as of their ease of use, diverse functionality, and user-friendliness. So what are you before you for? Get manually a CMS and spend your time in a row your business. . . not maintaining a website!

Custom Convergence Websites by Diva Net

Stacey Brooks is a Software Developer and Web Consultant with over 15 years of training come into contact with in corporate industries such as timeshare escape rentals, parks and recreations, manufacturing and distribution, securities trading, and medicinal custom systems in add-on to her web advancement projects for communities, clubs, organizations and small businesses.

If you're not sure whether you need a Comfort Management System, take a look at our list of very happy clients on our website at http://www. divanet. biz, or email Stacey at: staceyabrooks@hotmail. com.


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