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It may seem like the publishing industry's comparable of Beanie Baby madness- each one is conversation about writer's websites. Freelancers and authors far and wide are jumping on the bandwagon, publishing sites to promote themselves and their work. This craze plants many writers wondering if it's just a fad or if it's exceedingly worth the cost and effort. While it may seem like an overwhelming or frivolous endeavor, there are some solid affair reasons why you must bear in mind location up your own website.

? Editors Like Writer's Websites. When querying an editor for the first time, you can add credibility to your characters resume by referencing your website. As a substitute of attaching clips, you can endow with a link to clips on your site. This minimizes rules and regulations and lets you avoid transfer email attachments that can get scrubbed or cause your email to be routed above-board to the trash bin. It also makes the editor's job easier- which could cause them to reward you with a new assignment.

? Your Site Can Save You Time. When you put your clips online, you avoid having to copy them over and over again and as a replacement for just upload them once to your website. Your clips file can be as in progress and as assorted as you want it to be. This can make more simple your query course of action and at the end of the day make you more productive.

? Writers with Websites Get More Work. Writers with websites will tell you that they get more assignments as a result. When you start item your site in writer's databases, job boards, on your resume and in directories diagonally the internet, you as you might expect catch the awareness of citizens who do the hiring.

?Your Site Can Promote Your Work. Whether you are inscription casual articles, books, eBooks, copy for corporations or donation bowdlerization services, you can use your site to promote your offerings. Corporate clients will be impressed by a caring website with samples and testimonials. Your site becomes a contemplation of you and your work and can impress editors, agents and publishers. The more you work to make public and bazaar your site, the more consideration you can be expecting to receive.

Setting Up Your Website

It's fairly low-cost to start a website and often the main investment will be in your time. You can hire a big name to help you get your site up and running, or you can take this on yourself.

If you want to have the flexibility to deal with your site and adjustment the inside frequently, it would be worth it to learn how to do it yourself. Microsoft Frontpage and Dreamweaver are two of the most accepted software programs for website design. If you don't want to aim it from the bring down up, many companies offer templates that you can acquire for as a small amount as $15. You can then make specially the guide to meet your needs.

If you choose to hire a website designer, there are many to desire from. The best way to find one near you is to ask author associates or big business owners in your cooperation for a referral. You can also ask a big name whose site you admire to share their designer with you.

Website Hosting

You can opt to use a free website hosting benefit like the one obtainable by Geocities, but keep in mind that you won't have your own field name. Instead, your URL would look a little like: www. geocities. com/mywebsite. html.

For a truly expert site, you can chronicle your own realm name and have your site hosted for as diminutive as $12 per month because of providers like Yahoo. Yahoo also offers free tools for website design, so if you want to coin a austere site with just a few static pages, their tools may be adequate to get you up and running.

Though I use FrontPage for deceitful my affair website, I found Yahoo's Site Engineer tool easy to use and was able to conceive my writer's website in just a few hours. Check out the answer at www. StephanieChandler. com.

Getting Your Clips Online

If you don't by now own Adobe Gymnast PDF Designer software, you be supposed to give it some acute consideration. You can use the agenda to by a long shot bring round scanned files and Word id to PDF format, assembly it easy for readers (editors) to view your available clips from your website.

The software also makes it easy to bring out your own eBooks and other files that can be used for all kinds of affair needs. Adobe allows you to construct you first three PDF id for free. You can also sign up for a subscription based benefit or bite the bullet and asset the full software package.

Merchant Card Services

If you want to acknowledge belief card payments online, you can effort to get a mercantile army account. Unfortunately, these are arduous for new businesses to attain from the big banks due to the quantity of fraud in the small commerce arena. There are many business brokers that give belief card services, but keep in mind that you will have to pay a monthly fee in add-on to the percentage per transaction. Luckily, PayPal has come to the rescue and now offers acclaim card payment army that are surprisingly easy to execute and do not affect a monthly fee.


Once your site is live, you need to let colonize know you're there. There are endless opportunities for marketing your site on the internet. Here are some possibilities:

? List your website with all associations where you are a member.
? Trade links with other websites.
? Write articles for publications that allusion your site in your bio.
? Write a blog and allusion your site with each entry.

Website listings with the major exploration engines are calculated based on a digit of factors. One way to convalesce your rankings with the exploration engines is to make sure you link is scheduled on as many other websites as possible. In adding to the marketing ideas above, make sure to agree to your site manually to all the major examination engines. You can admittance a free list of sources at www. BusinessInfoGuide. com/submitsite. htm

Don't Put Off Until Tomorrow?

If you're still not committed that you need your own website, join some online deliberations and talk with your critic friends. I have yet to meet a essayist with a website who didn't agree it is a beneficial tool.

Stephanie Chandler is the dramatist of "The Affair Startup Checklist and Development Guide: Seize Your Consumer Dreams!" and the come to nothing of http://www. BusinessInfoGuide. com, a book of free capital for entrepreneurs. Sign up for the BusinessInfoGuide newsletter to catch hot income and tips every month.


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